Friday, 16 November 2012

Adele Without Makeup | Adele No Makeup

Adele has made many strides in music – all the while giving a two-fingered salute to conventional standards and to Karl Lagerfeld, who, incidentally, emerged from his mother’s womb wearing sunglasses. Sometimes Adele abstains from using those same two fingers to dab on a little foundation.
In a look reminiscent of elderly, winter-ready babushkas often found dotted around Russia, the first photo sees Adele without makeup and looking even paler than usual. Looking at her right hand here, she may be looking for her own pulse actually.

The blemish-free ‘Chasing Pavements’ songstress appears to be in the middle of a phone call, and my guess is that she isn’t chatting to Karl Lagerfeld to get style and makeup tips.
Photo number two captures a visibly tired-looking (looks like an early morning) Adele foregoing makeup yet again, and loitering near the check-in desks at an airport. What a cool girl – looking down-to-earth while about to take flight.