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How to Make Big Boobs Look Smaller

Breast size can affect the way clothing looks on your body, the way you carry yourself and the way people respond to you. If you have a large bust and would like to minimize its appearance, there are techniques to help. Aside from breast reduction surgery, your wardrobe can dramatically help to conceal or distract attention from your ample chest.

Wear dark colors as opposed to white or light colors. Dark colors help to conceal a large chest whereas light colors can draw attention to your bust.

Purchase a minimizer bra from your local department or lingerie store. These bras are specially designed to compress breasts and make them appear smaller. A well-fitting minimizer bra should be comfortable and still provide lift.

Layer two sports bras to hold your bust close against your chest. Sports bras tend to be thin and breathe well, so wearing two is comfortable, supportive and serves to minimize a large bust.

Avoid wearing baggy clothing. Baggy clothing can actually make you look bigger rather than disguise your body. Choose clothing that is well-tailored and fits your curves well rather than boxy, shapeless pieces.

Wear v-neck tops. V-necks draw the eyes downward which helps to divert attention from your breasts. Avoid tight, high-necked tops that stretch across your bust as they can emphasize your size.

Accessorize with bold, statement necklaces. Jewelry draws eyes away from your chest and focuses attention on other areas. Choose necklaces that lay across the collar bone and draw attention upward rather than longer, plunging necklaces which can have the opposite effect.

How to Make Your Nose Look Small

Many women are self-conscious about the size of their noses. Whether you consider your nose too flat, too broad or too long, it can make you feel insecure. Using simple makeup techniques of contouring and highlighting, you can de-emphasize a prominent nose and help balance your facial features. Does this Spark an idea?


Wash your face. It's always good to start with a clean, dry face before applying makeup. Choose a face wash formulated for your skin type, apply gently all over wet face and rinse thoroughly. Pat dry and apply moisturizer, if needed. Avoid putting moisturizer on your nose; you want it to be as matte- and shine-free as possible.

Apply an even coat of liquid foundation. To begin the contouring process, it's helpful to begin with an even-toned canvas. Apply liquid foundation suited for your skin type all over your face, using your fingers or a damp makeup sponge.

Set your foundation with a loose powder. Not only does the powder help your foundation last longer it also helps soak up excess shine and oil. Add more powder around the nose to keep it shine-free for longer.

Use a highlighter. Apply the highlighter directly to the top of your nose and along the bridge. For best results, start at the tip of your nose and work your way up to the middle of your eyebrows. This makes the tip of your nose the brightest part of your face, which will help downplay the size of the bridge.

Apply bronzer to contour. To downplay a wide or broad nose, use a color that is one shade darker than your natural skin tone. Starting at the inner eyebrows, draw a straight line down each side of your nose on either side. End the line at the tip of your nose. This creates a slimming effect, visually centering the eye on the bridge of your nose and de-emphasizing its width. If your nose is long, you can also add a bit of dark bronzer or foundation directly to the tip, which visually shortens it. The Beauty Bunny website warns against applying too much bronzer around the nose. It may cake up around the nostrils and end up looking unnatural.

Style your hair in ways that de-emphasize your nose. Hairstyles with lots of volume and fullness help frame the face and soften your features. Avoid tiny curls around the face, which can make the nose seem bigger. Avoid middle parts and long bangs, which point directly to your nose.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

How to Make Your Nose Look Narrower

According to the Real Self website, more than 255,000 people -- and more women than men -- underwent rhinoplasty in the United States in 2009. If you are unhappy with the way your nose looks, there may not be a need to spend time and money on surgery. There are things you can do in the privacy of your home to make your nose appear narrower. Does this Spark an idea?

Apply foundation that is one shade darker than your skin to the sides of your nose. Start the lines of foundation near the eyebrows and contour them down the sides of your nose. In a lighter shade of foundation, apply a straight line down the front of the nose to give the appearance of a thin nose. Use a brush to blend the shades.

Avoid slicking your hair off your face. This will only draw attention to your nose. Part your hair and create a nice, full hairstyle.

Play up your eyes or lips to distract attention from your nose. Use eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow to emphasize your eyes or a flattering lipstick or lip gloss color on your lips.

Change the shape of your nose by wearing a nose-cartilage enhancer. The Nose Huggie, for instance, is an affordable alternative to nose surgery. The Nose Huggie works by remolding the nose cartilage. According to the Nose Huggie website, you can reshape your nose over time by wearing the enhancer 15 minutes per day.

Tricks to Make the Nose Look Thinner

When you have a large nose, there's no way to hide it--not like big ears or a few extra pounds in your middle. The trick is to simply have people focus on another part of your anatomy. A big nose can be an embarrassment, and if you let it, it can hinder otherwise successful relationships. If you are bothered by an oversize nose, there are several things you can do. Does this Spark an idea?


This is cosmetic surgery on your nose. You'll be under an anesthetic while the surgeon pulls back the skin of your nose and chisels down the cartilage to make your nose smaller. Then he replaces the skin on your new nose. Limited only by the amount of cartilage, the surgeon can make your nose any shape you like. If you have rhinoplasty, plan to stay home for a few days while the swelling subsides and your new nose heals.

Maximize to Minimize

Make your face as large as possible so all of your facial features are spread out as much as possible, making them seem smaller, including your nose. To do this, simply wear your hair so it doesn't touch your face. Furthermore, have your hair done in a way that's different from before because people will begin focusing on your hair and not your nose. If you are a male, try growing a mustache because that can have the same effect.


Apply an eyeshadow that's much darker than your skin to the curves and edges of your nose to make it appear less fat. Another trick used by make-up artists is to make your nose less shiny, thus calling attention to other facial features that, to you, are more appealing. Another way is to devote more attention to your cheeks and eyes, which if done properly, will put your nose more into the background.


If these options are too costly or are not for you, try rubbing your nose at least an hour per day to reduce the amount of cartilage. Many have faith in this method because it works for them, but there is no basis in science for doing it. Besides, rubbing your nose for an hour each day takes discipline, which is in short supply for many people.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

How to Make a Bulbous Nose Look Smaller

Looking in the mirror shouldn't be a frustrating or depressing experience. Unfortunately, most people have a physical feature that they dislike and wish they could change. Some are fortunate to have their flaws covered with clothing, but if you have a large or bulbous nose, putting a shirt on just doesn't help. Using simple tricks of lighting, contour, and distraction, you can avoid having plastic surgery on your bulbous nose. Does this Spark an idea?

Use a concealer that is one or two shades darker than your foundation, and apply it in a downward motion on and around your nose. Blend in with your foundation before applying powder or additional makeup.

Apply a highlighter down the bridge of your nose, and stop before reaching the bulbous part of your nose, or the tip. Apply a bronzer directly to the tip of your nose, and blend together until it looks natural. Create shadows on the sides of your nose to make it appear longer and less bulbous.

Enhance the other features on your face to draw attention away from your nose. Play up your eyes by making them pop or by lining them dramatically. Draw attention to your lips by using an eye-catching color.

Consider wearing a hairstyle that draws attention away from your nose, such as side-swept or blunt bangs.

Visit a group that specializes in theater makeup, or visit a professional aesthetician to get specific advice on contouring and drawing attention away from your nose. Ask for a free consultation, and pay specific attention to the techniques used.

How to Make Your Own Pastry Shoes

Pastry shoes are a fashion line of fun, colorful and sparkly shoes designed by Vanessa and Angela Simmons. The shoes are available for toddlers, teens and young adults. The Pastry brand also includes clothing, handbags and accessories that reflect a sweet and showy style. However, you can make your own Pastry look-alike shoes with a few supplies and some creativity. Pair your newly made shoes with an equally colorful and fun outfit to complete your look.

Buy a pair of shoes, or use a pair you have, that are the same style and color as the Pastry shoes you wish to replicate.

Use a paintbrush to paint sections of the shoes with fabric or acrylic paint. It may be helpful to have a picture of a Pastry shoe that you like in front of you to ensure that your design turns out correctly. Use one color per section of the shoe for the best results. The shoe can even be painted along the side of the rubber sole to give it a bright, unique touch. Allow the paint to dry overnight.

Pour a small amount of crystal glue onto a paper or plastic plate.

Pick up a crystal with the tweezers.

Touch the end of a toothpick to the glue and apply the glue to the flat side of the crystal.

Press the crystal to the shoe, using the tweezers to ensure an accurate placement. Crystals can be applied anywhere on the shoe, including on the sides of the shoe's sole.

Apply any decals to the shoe that you like. To do so, use crystal glue or the adhesive supplied with the decal.

Allow the decals and crystals to dry according to the glue's directions.

Re-lace the shoes with bright and sparkly shoelaces that match your design.


- Do not use extra-strength glue on the crystals, as it will give them a hazy look.

How to Make Your Nose Slimmer

Everyone has that one part of their body that they are unhappy with. For a lot of people, that body part is the nose. There are several ways to make the nose appear thinner, some drastic, some temporary, some cheap and some expensive. Try the different methods below and see which works best for you. Does this Spark an idea?

Apply Makeup

Apply a pea-sized amount of concealer to the eyeshadow brush and gently stroke down the side of the nose (where the nose meets the cheek). Repeat on the other side of the nose. Check that the application is even on both sides.

Blend the concealer into your skin with a blending brush.

Apply powder in a shade close to your natural skin color to even out the color further. The concealer will reflect light off the sides of your nose, making it appear thinner.

Try a Nose Huggie

Apply a Nose Huggie onto your nose in the area you want slimming. The Nose Huggie is a slimming clip designed to decrease the appearance of the size of your nose. It measures only 6 by 4.5 cm and works by reforming the cartilage in the nose.

Leave the Nose Huggie on for 15 minutes. You should not feel any pain. If you do, remove it and consult your doctor.

Take your Nose Huggie off. Repeat every day. You should see results within two to four weeks. If you do not, Nose Huggie offers a 45-day, money-back guarantee.

Exercise Your Nose

Place your thumb on one nostril and your index finger on the other. Gently pinch your nose.

Make sure you are pressing only enough to give some resistance. You should not push so hard that you completely flatten your nostrils. Hold for 20 seconds.

Flare your nostrils against your finger and thumb, pushing as hard as you can without causing yourself pain. Hold for 20 seconds then release. Repeat 10 times a day. You should see results after two to four weeks.

Consider Surgery

Consult your doctor first and express your concerns. She should be able to provide advice and explain more about the cosmetic procedures available to slim the nose.

Book an appointment with a rhinoplasty consultant. These specialists deal with cosmetic surgery for the nose and can do anything from remove bumps to making the nose slimmer. Procedures are usually mildly invasive and will result in a permanently changed nose shape.

Think carefully about what you really want. Surgery carries risk and is not a choice to be taken lightly. It is also expensive: some nose slimming treatments cost up to $6,000.

Kids Boots That Look Like Uggs

Ugg boots have become a trendy footwear choice for the smart set, who enjoy their warmth and comfort, and the popularity of Uggs has even extended to children. Since Uggs are not inexpensive, parents can breathe easy knowing there are several off-name brands that offer a similar look and feel at a much more affordable price point.

Girl's Lace-Up Shearling Boots by Lands' End

Lands' End offers an attractive, comfortable lace-up boot lined with real shearling, sure to keep a kid's feet warm and cozy. The outside of the boots are waterproof, ensuring that little feet will remain dry in the rain. Featuring genuine suede uppers and shearling trim, these lace-up boots offer a more sculpted look than brand-name Uggs and are available in three colors: pale pink, chocolate brown and dark sandstone.

Girls' Roc-a-bouts Comfy

If the warmth and water-resistance offered by Lands' End isn't as important as the Ugg look, Roc-a-bouts offers a girls' boot that is nearly identical in appearance to an Ugg product at a far more reasonable price, but don't expect genuine shearling. Made of suede with faux fur lining inside, these practical, affordable boots also boast a flexible rubber outersole and are available in black, brown, pink and tan.

Bearpaw Boots for Kids

Bear Paw offers a selection of children's boots that mimic the Ugg style, complete with suede upper and shearling lining. Bear Paw's Emma 8-inch Shearling Boot features rubber soles with extra-thick treads in order to provide solid traction on ice and snow, while the Abigail 8-inch Shearling Boot has slightly thinner soles. Both models come in a variety of colors, including gray, hickory/champagne and lilac and are designed to keep feet warm and snuggly, even on the coldest day.

Wet Seal Studded Fleece Boot

Off-brand Ugg-style boots don't come more affordable than Wet Seal's Studded Fleece Boot. Priced at well under $20, these stylish girls' boots are available in black, brown and camel colors and they're surprisingly well-constructed considering the price. The studded ankle straps add a touch of rock 'n' roll style that will keep your little one feeling warm on the inside and cool on the outside.

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How to Gain Fat Cheeks

Fatter cheeks can alter a person's appearance dramatically. Plastic surgeons and beauty experts favor a fuller cheek, suggesting that it gives a younger and more 'fresh-faced' look. Gaining fatter cheeks can be done in two ways: gaining weight or undergoing cheek implant surgery. Although fairly drastic, surgery is often the favored option in terms of gaining a fuller cheek as weight gain, which causes the cheeks to fatten, also causes weight gain elsewhere in the body. This in turn, can create health problems. Does this Spark an idea?

Talk to a physician or surgeon before deciding to do anything drastic. Plastic surgery is a life-changing and expensive procedure.

Undergo a full checkup with your physician if you decide surgery is the right path for you. Surgery is extremely invasive and you will need to be fully fit and healthy to undergo the procedure.

Ensure you find a fully qualified and fully registered plastic surgeon (they should be board certified). You can do this by looking online. For example, search for "board certified plastic surgeons in my area." This should flag a number of surgeons with whom you can arrange consultations. They should then advise you on the best treatment options to suit your needs.

Talk to your chosen surgeon and decide how you want your cheeks to look. Experiment with where you believe an implant should be placed in your face to get a real idea of what it will eventually look like. Also discuss what kind of material the cheek implant will be made of.

Book your surgery and undergo the procedure. At first, you will be put to sleep using anesthesia. This will usually be with either general or local anesthetic. An incision will either be made on the inside of the mouth or directly under the chin, thus leaving less obvious scars. The procedure should take one or two hours, after which time you will be free to go home and rest.

Rest at home. You will need time to recover and allow the scars to heal. Make sure you keep the area clean. It will lessen the chance of infection. The doctor or surgeon should give you after-care information.


- Surgery is a drastic measure. Make sure you consider all your other options and are 100 per cent happy with the decision.

- If at any time you are unhappy, say to the surgeon that you want to change something or cancel the procedure. Implants require invasive surgery and you must be fully prepared.

How to Make Your Nose Shrink

Since your nose sits in the center of your face, it defines your face. Anything you do to change your nose affects your whole appearance. If you feel your nose is too large or too wide for your face, you may be tempted to get surgery, called rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty can shorten or narrow your nose by readjusting the cartilage and bone under your nose skin, but takes about one year before showing results. You can create the smaller nose you desire, though, without the expense and risks of surgery in the comfort of your home. Does this Spark an idea?

Wear light, wire-framed eyeglasses. Wire-framed glasses make your long nose appear shorter.

Wear larger earrings if you want to make your nose appear smaller. The earrings will draw attention away from your nose.

Choose a hairstyle with curls and waves or cut into layers. These techniques create softer hairdos, taking the focus from your nose. Style your hair so it moves away from your face, such as having it sit high on your head. Avoid styles with bangs. These styling techniques work for both males and females.

Keep your eyebrows thick when plucking them. Thicker eyebrows make a wide or thick nose appear smaller.

Apply foundation on your nose that's darker than what you use on your face to shorten a long nose and blend well. Use bronzing powder on the tip to get the same results.

Apply a lighter foundation than what you wear on your face or a lighter powder in a vertical stripe down the center of your nose if you have a wide nose. Blend the foundation or powder well, so you do not have a visible stripe mark. This technique gives the illusion of a slim nose.

Apply foundation to your entire face as usual, including your nose. Slim your nose by dotting a brown or taupe pencil, powder or a darker foundation down the sides of your nose. Start applying from the eyebrows all the way down the sides of your nose to the end of the tip of your nose. Keep the darker line thin, not larger than the width of your pinkie fingertip; otherwise, it will look like you have dirt on your nose. Use a makeup sponge to blend the bottom part of the dark line well, so you do not have a noticeable edge, then apply a lighter foundation down the center of your nose and blend.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How to Apply Three Eyeshadows

Eyeshadow can affect the appearance of your eyes dramatically. The right combination of shades can "open up" your eyes and give you a fresher, more youthful appearance. The secret to obtaining eyes that look professionally made up is to use three different shades of eye shadow. By using different shades, you can create light and dark areas above your eyes that help to enhance the natural form and beauty of your face. Does this Spark an idea?

Choose three shades that complement your natural skin tone. If you have warm, reddish undertones, the colors that probably work best for you are beige, gold and brown. If you have pale, ivory undertones, you probably are best suited with pastels like soft rose, lavender and blue. If you have darker skin, you may need shades that are a little bolder and brighter. Find three shades that relate to your best colors. The shades should be a very light color, a related medium shade and a related dark shade.

Apply the medium shade to your entire lid.

Apply the light shade from the crease of your eyelid up to your brow bone.

Apply the dark shade starting at the outer corner of your eye and sweeping inward.

Blend all three shades with a soft brush or sponge applicator for a smooth look.

Clothes That Make Your Breasts Looker Smaller

If you have larger breasts than you want, but don't want to have breast reduction surgery, you can easily reduce the appearance of your breasts with bras and certain types of clothes. In addition to clothing, you can wear accessories, such as fancy earrings, to take attention away from your chest.


Go to a bra store and use their measurements guide to choose a bra that fits well and does not squeeze so tightly that it causes bulge at the top. It may seem that a tight-fitting bra would reduce the appearance of bust size, but it actually draws attention to your chest if it creates bulge. Choose a minimizing bra to reduce the appearance of the size of your breasts without creating bulge. Wear a sports bra over a regular bra to reduce the appearance of your chest size even more and smooth out any bulges.

Shirt Fabric

Choose shirts that are made from natural, loose-fitting cloth. Avoid spandex, nylon and similar tight-fitting clothes that hug and accentuate curves. Instead, wear natural cottons and knits without spandex. Choose shirts and sizes that are slightly big at the bustline. If you are unable to find a shirt that fits at the waist and the bustline, buy a shirt that fits at the bustline and have the rest of it taken in to fit your waist and shoulders.

Shirt Cuts

Wear shirts that have necklines that fall on the flat part of your chest, above your breasts. Turtlenecks and cowl neck shirts bring attention to your chest area, and low-cut shirts expose cleavage. A v-neck that falls on the flat part of your chest elongates your neck and draws attention up. If you are unable to find a v-neck that does not show cleavage, wear a square neck or tube top shirt under the v-neck to cover any cleavage. Avoid shirts that you have to tuck in. This makes your breasts look bigger by shortening your torso and drawing the eye up to your chest.


Wear pants that sit lower on your waist to elongate the look of your torso and bring attention away from your chest. Pants should come below your belly button to bring the eye down from the chest area to the stomach and hip area. Wear a thin belt with pants. Avoid thick belts and empire waist belts worn above the natural waistline. Empire waist belts accentuate curves and bring attention to your chest area, both of which make your breasts appear larger.

How to Do an Optical Alignment

The simple act of taking your glasses off and putting them back on causes your frames to come out of alignment. Loose glasses are common and frames eventually sit crooked when you consistently take your frames off with just one hand. While it is best to have an optician or eye care professional adjust your eyeglasses, it is possible to do an optical alignment on your frames at home. You can make several types of adjustments that help your frames fit better.

Straighten the Frame

Put on your glasses and look at yourself in the mirror. Check to see if your glasses are sitting level. Your eye should be centered in each lens and the top of the frame should make a straight line that is parallel and even with your eyes.

Remove the frames from your face to align a crooked frame. Adjust the temple, the part of the frame that rests on your ear. If the left lens is too high, grasp the front of the frame with your left hand and with the front of your frame facing left, take hold of the left temple. With your right hand, very slightly bend the left temple up toward the ceiling. This must be done very carefully so as not to break the hinge of the frame.

Move the right temple up if you right lens is higher than your left. After adjusting, place the frames back on and look at yourself in the mirror again. Repeat the temple movement as needed until your frame is sitting straight on your face.

Tighten the Screws

Wrap a small towel around your lenses to protect from damage. Use a small screwdriver, such as a jeweler's screwdriver, to tighten the temple screws.

Place the edge of the frame on a table or counter while you tighten the screws to keep the frames steady.

Open and close the temples a few times to make sure the screws are tight.

Adjust the Nose Pads

Move the nosepads if your frames have adjustable nose pads on the bridge. Put your frame on and look in the mirror.

Remove your frames from your face and angle each nosepad so the pad rests evenly on your nose.

Cover your lenses with a small towel if you use pliers to move the nose pads. The pads are attached to the front of the frame with a small metal arm. Grip the arm with the end of the pliers and move the arm until the pad is at the angle you need for the pad to rest comfortably on your nose.


- Temples and nose pads can break easily. Move and bend them with extreme caution and in small, gentle movements to avoid damage.

How to Use a Nose Huggie

The Nose Huggie is a product that was developed to be a safer and cheaper alternative to rhinoplasty surgery. According to the official Nose Huggie website, regular use the device is supposed to make your nose appear noticeably slimmer in two to four weeks (See Reference 1). It claims to be able to do this by putting pressure on the cartilage in the nose and squeezing it into a smaller shape. As of April 2011, the Nose Huggie is available online through the Nose Huggie website and costs $15.95 plus shipping. Does this Spark an idea?

Open the hinge of the Nose Huggie by squeezing the two handles.

Place the Nose Huggie on your nose. Make sure the device is pinching the lower bridge area of your nose, where the bone ends and the soft cartilage begins.

Leave the device on your nose for 15 minutes.

Repeat this process every day for approximately two to four weeks, or until you achieve desired results.


- Ensure that the Nose Huggie is not placed too low on your nose so as to squeeze your nostrils. This can cause you to have difficulty breathing.

Monday, 22 April 2013

How to Hide a Belly

Having a big belly can be embarrassing, especially if you are meeting up with people that you haven't seen in awhile. If you don't have time for diet and exercise then there are a few tricks that you can use to hide your belly. Although they won't get rid of it, they will will help you to get less attention for it. Does this Spark an idea?

Wear the appropriate type and size of bra. It should be able to lift your chest enough so that your belly will not be directly noticed. For men, it is best to wear an undershirt before putting on a button down or collared shirt. The undergarment will keep the belly in place.

Wear clothes that are darker in color. Black, dark grey, dark brown and dark blue all have a slimming effect on your appearance.

Choose jackets that sits below the belt line when you wear it. Zip the jacket up when you want to conceal your belly.

Do not wear pants with a tight waistline. Your belly may go over the jeans, thus making it appear bigger.

Wear a loose fitting, hooded sweatshirt with hand pockets. When you wish to hide your belly place your hands in the pockets. This will stretch the fabric out a bit concealing any bulge.

How to Clear Eye Whites

Having bright, clear eyes, makes you look well-rested, alert and awake and says a lot about your health and well-being. Some belief that clear eyes make you look younger. The white of your eyes, also known as the sclera, may get red and bloodshot due to a lack of sleep or exposure to irritants such as fog or cigarette smoke. The sclera can also discolor due to medical issues and drug and alcohol abuse. Does this Spark an idea?

Catch up on sleep. Insufficient sleep doesn't give your eyes enough time to refresh themselves. Get at least eight hours of sleep at night. Take breaks every hour when sitting behind your computer all day because your eyes may get even more fatigued, inflamed and red from staring at a computer screen.

Consult your doctor to determine whether your eye condition is due to an underlying medical condition. Jaundice, certain cancers and liver disease can all cause yellowing of the white of your eyes. Treat the underlying issue to get rid of the eye discoloration.

Undergo I-Brite surgery. During this eye-whitening surgery the membrane that covers the sclera gets removed along with any discoloration and red veins. A new membrane, free of discoloration or veins grows back. The surgery is painless and takes approximately 20 minutes.

Use over-the-counter prescription eye drops to reduce eye discoloration. Eye drops decrease inflammation, moisturize and brighten your eyes and shrink arteries and veins. Administer eye drops by tilting your head back so you look up toward the ceiling. Open your eyes wide and position the eye dropper to the center of your eyes. Squeeze one drop into your eye and close it. Blink your eye to distribute the liquid. Repeat the process on your other eye.

Use make-up to reduce the appearance of eye discoloration. Rim your eyes with a bold, dark colored eyeliner to accentuate them. Draw a line from the inner to the outer corner of your upper and lower eyelid to resemble cat-like eyes.

How to Make My Cheeks Thinner

Chubby cheeks, common during childhood, are likely an unwelcome feature when you become an adult. There are several reasons your face may be plump -- genes, diet and a sedentary lifestyle are all factors that can affect the shape of your face. Plastic surgeons perform a procedure known as "Buccal Fat Pad Removal" to reduce chubby cheeks, but for those who do not want to consider cosmetic surgery, there are alternative methods to help make your cheeks look thinner. Does this Spark an idea?

Drink nine or more 8-oz. glasses of water daily. Drinking too little water often leads to the body retaining water, which causes bloating in the hands, feet and face. When you increase your water intake, the body assumes the "crisis" that resulted in too little water consumption is over, and releases the water it was storing.

Limit salt and alcohol consumption. According to Good Housekeeping, sodium can lead to bloating. Likewise, alcohol dehydrates the body and, as a result, increases facial bloating.

Eat nutrient rich, low-calorie foods. If you are generally overweight, some excess fat is likely to be stored in your face. Although it is not possible to lose weight only on certain parts of the body or face, reducing your weight in general will help trim down a chubby face. Add potassium rich foods such as yogurt, avocado, bananas and fish that reverse the effects of a sodium-rich diet.

Perform cheek exercises. Louise Annette, creator of "Ageless If We Dare," says exercising the cheek muscles will help define and enhance the entire face, when practiced regularly. Pinch a chunk of flesh on either side of your nose using your thumbs and the side of your index fingers. Pull the flesh away from your face. Lift your cheeks up toward the center of your eyes by flexing the cheek muscles. When performed correctly, you will notice the flesh sliding out from beneath your thumbs and fingers. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat 20 times, every other day.

Strength train. General strength training like weight lifting, sit-ups or push-ups increase lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle you have in proportion to fat, the faster your metabolism works, and the more fat you burn. Strength training will help to tone and slim down your entire body, including fatty areas of the face.

How to Prevent Comfort Gel Mask Leaks

Comfort gel masks are facial maskes used to relax or reduce puffiness around the eyes. They are usually a soft plastic and filled with gel. When left in the freezer or refrigerator for long periods of time, the masks become cold and provides relief when placed around the eyes. Preventing leaks in the mask is all about how you care for and store your mask. When the mask is frozen the plastic is susceptible to being punctured and causing leaks once the gel defrosts. Does this Spark an idea?

Purchase a protective sleeve for your mask, if the mask did not come with one. The sleeve should be soft and allow the mask to fit inside of it without bending or folding. Keep the mask in the sleeve when not in use.

Place the mask in the freezer. Ensure the mask is laying flat and not close to any sharp objects.

Handle the mask with care after removing it from the freezer. If the mask is frozen do not bend it to contort to your face.

Wait five minutes or until the gel in the mask has defrosted and the mask is malleable.

Place the mask over your face and replace it in the sleeve when finished. Store on a flat surface.


- Do not store your mask in the freezer when not in use. Only put your mask in the freezer when you intend to use it shortly there after.

How to Make Duct Tape Shoelaces

Duct tape is sturdy, repels dirt and water and comes in a wide variety of colors. For these reasons, duct tape has transcended its original role in home repair. You can fashion a quick set of duct tape shoelaces to compliment a stylish pair of sneakers, coordinate with your duct tape wallet/purse or temporarily replace a broken shoestring. Does this Spark an idea?

Measure and cut a 4-foot length of duct tape to accommodate shoes with seven eyelets. If your shoes have more eyelets, add 2 inches for each additional pair of holes. If your shoes have fewer eyelets, subtract 2 inches.

Cut or rip the duct tape lengthwise into two equal halves. You should now have two narrow 4-foot strips of duct tape.

Take one of the strips and fold the sticky side over itself lengthwise: fold it 2/3 of the way, then fold the other end down to cover the exposed sticky section. You should now have a skinny 4-foot lace with no exposed sticky part. Repeat this process with the other half.

Lace the duct tape shoelaces as you would lace traditional cloth laces.

How to Tell if a Movado Watch Is Fake

Movado is one of the premier watchmakers in the world. From its Swiss-made luxury watches to its fashion timepieces, Movado is widely copied by replica watch manufacturers the world over. Since real Movado watches come in a large array of price ranges, this wide variety leaves a gap for fakes to enter the marketplace. The biggest things to watch for in a fake are that the watch is lightweight and has flimsy components. Does this Spark an idea?

Study real Movado watches. Visit a dealer and ask a lot of questions. Look at the quality, styles and craftsmanship so you won't be fooled.

Hold the watch in your hand and feel the weight. The cheapest Movado knockoffs are made of very lightweight aluminum. Watch for brass replicas. These are heftier in weight, will cost a bit more and have a better clasp, but are still fakes.

Check the components. Phonies come with a non-scratch resistant glass crystal that is glued on and may have dirt under the face. Other signs to watch for are an inexpensive quartz movement, a cheap clasp and pins holding the links instead of screws. Check for phony diamonds in the watch's setting. Ask if the watch comes in a box with tags and if it has a 100 percent money back guarantee.

Look for spelling errors and check all of the printing. A real Movado is crisply printed, the logo is in all capitals and the watch face says Swiss Movado Made or Swiss Made. Anything else is a fake.

Ask a Movado dealer how to spot bad serial numbers and misplaced logos. A real Movado also has a logo imprinted on the inside of the back cover of the watch.

Compare prices. Counterfeit Movados generally cost about $50 to $150, but some may go as high as $400. Real Movados retail for $500 to $2,300.

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Tricks to Making Your Diamond Look Bigger

Not everyone can afford to buy large diamonds. Yet many women like the way a big diamond looks. If your budget limits you to only being able to afford something on the smaller size, keep some tricks in mind about ways to make your diamond look bigger without breaking the bank. Does this Spark an idea?

Band Width

A ring band impacts how large or small your diamond appears. If you are in the market for a diamond engagement ring, compare a wider band with a thinner band. The thin band makes your diamond stand out and look bigger because the metal of the band does not compete with the center stone as much. Additionally, a mounting that is higher set in the ring's band will give the illusion that your diamond is larger because it will protrude more in height.


To make your diamond look larger, be careful about placing other diamonds next to it. With diamond rings, a three-stone setting might actually take away from the size of your main diamond if the two diamonds next to it are similar in size. To give your diamond a larger appearance, go with a solitaire mounting, or keep your three-stone style limited to two tiny stones on the sides so that your center stone really stands out. Another setting option to make your diamond look larger is to go with a bezel setting. A bezel setting is a full enclosure around the diamond with the same metal in the band. This serves as your diamond's frame, and can enhance the size by adding on the metal enclosure. A halo setting, which is a ring of small diamonds that are set around your main round diamond, is another option for making your diamond look larger because it expands the overall appearance of the diamond with sparkle and fire.


The shape of your diamond plays a part in how large it looks. If you want the diamond to look longer on your finger, select a marquis or pear-shaped diamond, or an oval cut. If you are more interested in the diamond looking larger in width, go with a round or princess-cut diamond.

Ring Enhancers

Ring enhancers are available to make diamonds look larger. A ring enhancer is a ring that you wear around your engagement ring that creates an enclosure around the main diamond. This creates an effect of the diamond having more substance.

Easy Ways to Make a Man Look Like a Woman

Whether you are a male seeking to dress as a female on a daily basis or you simply want to dress as a woman for a special occasion, such as Halloween, you may become frustrated as you attempt to give yourself a makeover. This is especially true if you naturally possess very masculine features, such as bushy eyebrows or a square jawline. Fortunately, there are some easy ways that you can feminize your appearance to look more like a woman. Does this Spark an idea?

Shaving and Waxing

One of the most obvious physical differences between men and women is the presence or absence of facial hair. To make yourself look more womanly, shave your face using a new, sharp razor with multiple blades. The more blades, the closer the shave. This will prevent you from developing a masculine looking "five o'clock shadow" as your facial hair grows. If you plan to dress as a woman on a daily basis, be sure to keep up with your shaving routine to prevent yourself from developing a beard or mustache.

Thick, bushy eyebrows are generally seen as being masculine, so sculpting your eyebrows is an easy way to appear more feminine. Wax or pluck your eyebrows so that they are thinner and more shapely.

Hair on other parts of your body such as your chest, arms, arm pits and legs should also be shaved, especially if you are wearing an outfit that will reveal these areas. As with facial hair, you will need to attend to these areas daily by shaving to keep them looking feminine.


Makeup is very important in the process of making yourself appear more feminine. While you may choose to wear eyeshadow in assorted colors, false eyelashes or lipstick, foundation, concealer and face powder are essentials. Use concealer to hide any blemishes on your face and foundation to create a flat base for your powder. After applying face powder to even out your complexion, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks to create the illusion of more feminine cheekbones. You may also use highlighting power to add contours along the sides of your nose to create the illusion of a thinner bridge. Lip liner can make your lips appear fuller and more feminine.


If your natural hair is short and cut in a style that is stereotypically masculine, you may consider wearing a wig in the color and length of your choice to appear more womanly. If you plan on dressing as a woman regularly, you can grow your own hair out and cut and style it in a more feminine manner.


Dressing in female clothing will pull the rest of your feminine look together. Choose an outfit that flatters your size to pass successfully as a woman. You may consider wearing a bra with prosthetic breasts to create a more feminine figure that will enable you to better fill out clothing, though this is optional. Girdles may also be worn to slim the waist and accentuate the hips.

How to Make Your Adam's Apple Look Smaller

Your Adam's apple is that small ball-like protrusion that moves up and down in the front of your neck whenever you swallow. It's more visible in men than women. During puberty, growth spurts in boys make the Adam's apple more noticeable because while your body thins out, the Adam's apple grows. If your prominent Adam's apple is bothering you, there are some things you can do to make it appear smaller. Does this Spark an idea?

Camouflage the size of your Adam's apple with makeup.

Dust contouring powder over your Adam's apple. Use a powder that is up to two shades darker than your skin tone. Darker colors make the area look smaller.

Gain weight by increasing your caloric intake.

The increase of body fat makes your Adam's apple less prominent. Gain enough weight until you are happy with the appearance of your neck.

Consult your doctor about undergoing surgery to make your Adam's apple smaller.

Adam's apple surgery, also known as a tracheal shave, is done under complete or local anesthesia and reduces the size of the Adam's apple by removing excess cartilage.


- Wear turtlenecks, scarfs or chokers to hide your Adam's apple.

How to Make Your Nose Look Straight

Create the illusion of a straight nose with the help of uncomplicated makeup tricks. Whether your nose has a prominent bend or a center bump, you can trick the eye using basic cosmetics and strategic application. Play with the makeup application prior to unveiling your "straight" nose in public to ensure that everything looks flawless. Does this Spark an idea?

Use a two-tone application of foundation around the nose area to give the illusion of a straight nose. Purchase two shades of foundation -- one that is a slightly darker than your natural color, and one that is slightly lighter. According to Bella Sugar, a website for women, the darker foundation should be applied to the side of your nose, within the shadow area of the prominent bend. Use your index finger as a guide to find the shadow area; place it vertically against your nose, with the tip of the finger even with the corner of your eye on the side with the bend. Apply the darker foundation to that area and blend into your skin.

Move to the other side of the nose, and apply a lighter shade of foundation using the same technique. Blend both shades to create a natural look.

Highlight a slightly crooked nose with a cream highlighter in a complimentary shade. Highlighters typically come in light, medium and dark to accommodate all skin tones. The cream should be applied to the bridge of your nose and blended. Light will reflect the highlighter giving the illusion of a straight nose.

Draw attention away from the nose and center of the face by wearing a light-colored lip gloss instead of a bold color. You can also create a smoky eye and draw the attention upward from your nose. Smoky eyes are created with darker eye shadows and black eyeliner.

Part your bangs to keep the attention away from a crooked nose. Draw your bangs to the opposite side of the direction of the bend in the nose. The balance created by hair and face will create an illusion of a perfect nose.


- Avoid applying a heavy application of makeup to the nose because this will only draw attention to the area.

How to Cover Up Dilated Pupils

The pupil is the black center part of the eye that enlarges when subjected to poor lightening to help you see better. Pupils may also dilate as the result of recreational and medical drug use, as well as more serious health conditions -- including poisonings. If you don't want others to notice your dilated pupils, there are a few things you can do to cover them up. Does this Spark an idea?

Wear a hat or baseball cap. Either cap will partially shade or hide your eyes, making dilation less noticeable.

Stay in a well-lit area to keep pupils from dilating further. Pupils can dilate as a reaction to dim lighting, so avoid poorly-lit areas, until your pupils recede.

Wear a large pair of dark sunglasses. Sunglasses are arguably the best choice for covering up dilated pupils, as they completely cover the eyes. Avoid lighter pairs, where the eyes are noticeable through the lenses.

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How to Make a Blogger Header Bigger

Blogger is a free web-based service that allows people to easily create and maintain their own blogs as well as interact with other people on their blogs. In the past, at least a basic knowledge of HTML was required if you wanted to edit your blog. However, Blogger has a new interface that is simple, interactive and doesn't require any knowledge of HTML to use. With a few fast clicks you can change the entire layout of your blog, rearrange text elements or edit your header size.

Go to "" and sign into your account.

Choose which blog you would like to edit (if you have more than one) from under the "Manage Blogs" header, and click "View Blog".

Select "Design" from the right side of the bar at the top of the page.

Click on "Template Designer" near the upper left side of the page under the "Design" tab.

Select "Advanced" from the tab options on the left side of the screen.

Scroll through the options and choose the element you wish to change. It is listed as "Blog Title."

Choose the font size that you would like the header to be from the drop-down menu. You can also change the header font and the color of the header font here.

Click "Expand Preview" to get a better look at the changes to the header you have made.

Click "Show Controls" at the top of the page to shrink the preview again. If you aren't satisfied with the font size, style, or color yet, then continue to edit them.

Click the orange button labeled "APPLY TO BLOG" on the top right corner of the screen when you are pleased with the appearance of the header.

Types of Crepe Fabric

Crepe is a supple fabric with a twisted, pebbled or puckered appearance. The distinctive crepe surface can be the result of tight weaving, twisting or knotting the fibers prior to weaving, using irregular patterns during the weaving process or by embossing a finished fabric with rollers engraved with a crepe pattern. The pattern is permanently embedded into the fibers using a combination of heat and pressure. Several types of fibres can be used to produce crepe fabrics, notably silk, silk-like fabrics and cotton. There is a wide variety of types of crepe, including crepe de chine, plisse crepe, Moroccan crepe, wool crepe and crepe georgette. Does this Spark an idea?

Crepe de Chine

Crepe de chine is a lightweight fabric, usually made of silk, without a pronounced crepe finish. It tends to have a smooth, pebbled, matte finish and is used to make luxury garments and evening wear. The fabric is made with highly twisted, worsted yarns in the weft and silk yarns in the warp, or of just silk warps and wefts. It weakens when exposed to perspiration or sunlight.

Crepe Georgette

Crepe georgette is a thin, matte silk or silk-like fabric that drapes well and is very elastic. It is sheer and flat with a grainy texture and is sometimes referred to as chiffon. Its fluidity and easy draping makes it ideal for women's clothing. It is used to make evening wear, gowns, blouses, dresses and skirts.

Moroccan Crepe

Moroccan crepe, also known as crepe marocain, is a heavy textured, woven, ribbed crepe fabric made of silk, rayon or wool. It is made using heavily twisted yarns in the weft, resulting in the characteristic wavy, ribbed texture. It is used to make dresses and suits.

Plisse Crepe

Plisse crepe is made by using heavy rollers to impress a crepe pattern into fabric or by chemically treating the fabric to give it a characteristic crepe-like appearance. The fabric, often cotton, is covered in wax in a striped or pebbled pattern and dipped into an alkaline solution. The uncovered portions of the fabric shrink, resulting in a striping or puckering when the wax is removed. The resulting plisse crepe fabric is very strong and does not need ironing.

Wool Crepe

Wool crepe, also known as crepon, is a wiry crepe fabric made from mixtures of silk and cotton fibers. The crepe effect on the surface of the fabric comes about through the treatment of the yarn during the weaving process. The fabric can be woven with a combination of left- and right-hand twists in the same fabric or by having different degrees of slackness in the warp yarns or in the tightness of the twists. Wool crepe is used to make lingerie and dresses.

How to Make an Old College Shirt New Again

If you are proud of your alma mater and want to demonstrate this pride by wearing an old college t-shirt, you may be looking for a way to make it look new. Your college T-shirt can be a link to your past or just serve as a reminder of the college experience. To get it looking its best, you need only basic sewing skills and a thorough cleaning. Even if you choose not to wear the shirt, you can still find new uses for it once you improve its look. Does this Spark an idea?

Soak to remove any stains from the garment. For spot cleaning the shirt, you can dab a chemical cleaner onto the stain and let it to set for several minutes before rinsing. The type of stain will determine how best to treat it. For example, ink stains can be removed with hairspray. Bleach can be used to remove stains from white T-shirts.

Repair any holes or damage on the shirt. If the hole is small, you can use a simple needle and thread to close the hole. If the hole is larger, you may need a sewing machine to cover it with a patch. Patches can be applied with an iron or by sewing in place.

Re-dye the material to restore its original hue. It's likely that years of washing the same shirt repeatedly has caused it to look faded and worn. To restore the color, wash the shirt with fabric dye in a washing machine or large tub. Repeat as necessary until you have reached the right level of color saturation.


- If the shirt is too damaged to wear, you can transfer the design to a new t-shirt. Cut out the design and sew onto a new piece of clothing.

- Repurpose the shirt for new use. If the shirt is too faded or damaged to wear, you can cut it and sew it to use as a tote bag or a patch for a bag or clothing.

How to Create an Eyelid Crease

Painted eyelids are a popular part of modern makeup styles. A favorite method of makeup application is to highlight the natural crease in the eyelid with color. If you have a monolid or a shallow eye you may feel you can't achieve this look. However, with a special makeup technique you can paint on temporary depth for your eyes. Try new eye makeup styles by learning how to get the crease needed to stack or blend colors on the lid. Does this Spark an idea?

Pat on a light shade of eyeshadow on the lower lid just above the lash line. Start at the inner corner of the eye and work outwards. Paint the entire lower lid.

Lift the eyebrow slightly with one finger then pat on the highlighter under the brow. Extend the color from the inner corner under the hair to the outer edge.

Tap a small-bristled brush with a medium eyeshadow color like taupe. Look in the mirror with your eye open and push the brush in the outer edge of the eye crease. Don't poke yourself, just force the powder into the crease. Do this for both sides. This mark will be your guide.

Close your eye and draw an arc using the medium-toned shadow on the lid from the outside inward.

Pick up a little more medium color on the tip of a short bristled eyeshadow brush. Sweep it on under your eye as eyeliner. This will keep the eye looking soft and three dimensional.


- Apply clear eyelid tape to your eyes for a temporary crease.

How to Make Your Legs Look Longer in Pictures

Long legs convey grace and swiftness with every step. However, body types vary and so does leg length. Short of a leg-lengthening surgical procedure or walking around on stilts daily, there are ways of adding inches to your legs -- at least visually. The type of clothing you choose to wear can help fool the eye into believing you were born with a model's gait. Even your photographer's equipment and technique can alter the appearance of your legs in the resulting picture. Does this Spark an idea?

Wear pants and skirts with vertical details. Pants with center pleats or skirts with vertical pinstripes will move the viewer's eye up and down your lower half, adding the illusion of length to your legs. Try to avoid horizontal details, as these have the effect of shortening your legs.

Opt for a single-colored outfit. Matching the color of your pants to your shirt or blouse has the same effect as vertical detailing. In addition to adding the appearance of length to your legs, monochrome outfits can also make you look slimmer.

Put on a pair of high heels or flesh-colored shoes. While flesh-colored shoes appear as an extension of your feet and only make you look taller, the height that high heels add to your look is real.

Tell your photographer to use a wide-angle lens during your shoot. These lenses provide a widened field of view and can distort perspective. In photographs of people, this distortion often causes limbs to look longer and thinner. A lens with a focal length of 18mm to 28mm should suffice.

Let your photographer shoot from a low angle. A wide-angle lens, in combination with a lowered angle of approach, will make you appear significantly taller. This will add the appearance of length to your legs as well as your torso.

How to Achieve Selena Gomez's Dark Eye Look

Actress, singer and songwriter Selena Gomez was born in 1992 and began working on "Barney & Friends" when she was 10. She moved on to star in "Wizards of Waverly Place." She has appeared in several films and is a pop-rock recording artist. She is known for her charity work, and for dating Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber. She is also known for her sultry and smoky eye makeup. In interviews with "Seventeen" magazine, Gomez has given away some of her beauty secrets. Does this Spark an idea?

Apply shimmery, peachy pink eye shadow from the lid to the brow. Add gold shadow along the crease, and blend. For dressy events, go with darker colors such as smoky brown shadow that extends past each eye to the end of the eyebrows to elongate the look.

Use colorful eyeliner such as metallic blue, green or purple. For a sexier evening look, use mocha. Apply a thin line along the lashes with liquid eyeliner or pencil.

Fill in eyebrows for a more defined look. Use a darker color when wanting to look glam.

Brush on mascara with a light hand for daytime wear. Use several coats for the evening.

How to Shrink the Tip of My Nose

If you are self-conscious about the size of your nose, there are a few things that you do to make it appear smaller without resorting to extreme measures such as surgery. The tip of your nose can be made to look smaller with a few tips, tricks and suggestions. Rhinoplasty is always an option, but surgical procedures for beauty reasons are not covered by most insurance companies, and surgery can be very expensive -- as well as risky. Does this Spark an idea?


Apply makeup to make your nose appear smaller and to cover up acne or scars that might draw attention to it. Apply a fine line of concealer down the bridge of your nose starting at the top and ending at the tip. Apply a slightly darker shade along the sides of your nose.

Blend the makeup well with a blending tool or makeup brush. Blend the makeup to the point that the line between the concealer colors is not visible.

Set the makeup that you have applied with a thin layer of powder makeup. This will help to keep the makeup in place and prevent shine.


Wear colorful large accessories to divert attention from your nose. Wear a large hat to dry attention to the top of your head or a colorful scarf to have people looking down at it rather than directly at your face.

Wear eyeglasses that complement the shade of your face. Dark rimmed glasses are known to make a person's nose look smaller.

Wear large hanging earrings that draw people's eyes to the edges of your face and down.

Body Language

Position your head slightly downward and cocked a bit to the side to make our nose appear smaller.

Practice with various angle and positions by having someone take photos of you or by taking self-portraits. Go through the images to see what angles make your nose appear the size that you would like it to look.

Walk with confidence and feel proud of yourself. If you feel awkward or self-conscious, you could end up feeling paranoid and you could trick yourself into thinking that people are staring at the flaws that you think you have even if they are not.

How to Use a Large Crease Brush

A crease brush is a must-have tool for applying eye makeup three-dimensionally. If you have a deep eye socket or like wearing a wider swatch of accent color, a larger crease brush is ideal. Learn how to use a crease brush masterfully and get the expressive eye look you want. With this kind of brush you can press or sweep the color where you want it. For the best application, use brushes made from real or quality synthetic hair. Does this Spark an idea?

Apply eye primer or a nude eye color to the entire eye lid using a sponge or long-bristled eye shadow brush.

Dip the wide, flat brush tip into the eye shadow or pigment. Lay the brush tip flat against the contour of the outer eye. Grasp the handle of the brush near the middle loosely but controlled.

Sweep the powder into the eye crease moving the crease brush from the outer edge of the eye inward to the middle. Since the crease brush is large you only move to drag the color slightly. Don't use exaggerated motions. Repeat this for both eyes.

Use a blending brush, if you like, to blend all the colors together smoothly.


- The crease brush should be used last for adding the darkest, contour color.

- Press pigments into the crease with an up and down movement, not a sweeping one.

How to Give Acknowledgement for Projects

After the successful completion of an important project, you probably want to find a way to say thank you to your team. This is called an acknowledgment. At first, you might be tempted to write a simple letter or buy your team members a standard plaque. While this creates a lasting reminder of the acknowledgment, it doesn't communicate acknowledgment itself. Instead, take the appropriate steps to acknowledge your team members personally and let them know you appreciate them.

Gather everyone involved in the project into the same room at the same time. Make sure everyone has at least a half hour of spare time, so that no one needs to rush off to another appointment. You want the environment relaxed so that the acknowledgments both are and feel genuine -- not rushed.

Discuss the contributions of each person to the project individually. If the team is small, stand next to each person as you acknowledge their contributions. Shake their hand, look them in the eye and say an honest thank you. If the team is large, invite each person to the stage.

Prepare a letter or other form of recognition, such as a framed certificate or a plaque. Give one to each person as you approach them or they come up on the stage. Never give something out separate from the meeting. The letter or plaque shouldn't be the acknowledgment. The acknowledgment is what you do when you say thank you. The material possession is a reminder of the acknowledgment.


- Everyday acknowledgments can take place on a one-on-one basis but in the case of a large project acknowledgment, you should gather the entire project team.

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How to Make Your Chest Appear Smaller

Pregnancy, breast enlargement surgery or weight gain can contribute to a larger chest. Making the chest appear smaller can be done with clothing. Wearing certain clothes, such as solid tops or A-line skirts, can create the right proportions.

Purchase a minimizer or bandeau bra to make the chest appear smaller. Minimizer bras compress and reshape the breasts, making them look one to two cups sizes smaller. Bandeau bras make the chest appear smaller by flatten the bust. To ensure a proper fit, visit a lingerie store or use a tape measure at home.

Wear solid tops with v-neck, scoop or square necklines to create the illusion of a smaller chest. Avoid wearing tops that are too tight or contain horizontal stripes, patterns or frilly details at the bust. Choose prints that are small and below the bust.

Wear A-line skirts and dresses or wide leg pants to create a proportionate figure.

Select thin fabrics, such as cotton or jersey, since thicker fabrics add bulk to the chest area.

Clothes to Minimize Hips

It would be nice to have a body with no flaws, but the truth is, flaws exist. Some trouble areas on women include the tummy, the rear end and the hips. For those women looking to minimize the hip area, consider a few clothing options that take the focus off the hips and accentuate other areas of your body.

Prints and Colors

Avoid light colors or prints on your lower half. The lighter color will make your hips look fuller and prints, such as a floral print or an animal print, will draw attention to the exact area you're looking to minimize. Stay away from shiny, lighter materials, such as silk or satin. Pleats in dresses, skirts and pants are a big no-no. Pleats tend to add more curves to your already curvaceous lower body and tend to draw the eye downward to that area. Wear darker solid colors on your bottom half to slim the hip area.


Give away those high-waisted "mom" jeans. The higher waist only draws attention to those troubled areas, such as the stomach and the hips. For women with a pear shape, which is a small top and a larger bottom, your best bet is to purchase low-cut jeans in a darker wash. Stay away from jeans with a tapered or straight leg. A boot-cut fit has a slight flare at the bottom and draws the focus away from your hips. Jean back pockets should be larger. Smaller pockets make your lower half look bigger.


Bright-colored tops draw the eye where you want it -- up top. You've got sculpted arms, so show them off in a halter top. This keeps all the attention in the neck and chest area. This also works for the plunging neckline. Tops in bolder patterns, such as animal print, keep the eye upward. Add a chunky necklace to keep the focus on your upper body. Never choose jackets that cut off at the hip area. A shorter, cropped jacket is more figure flattering for those with larger hips.


Like jeans, pants should flare at the bottom. Pants with a tapered leg make your bottom half appear bigger. Side pockets tend to flare out and make the hips look wider. Some brands make control top pants with either Lycra or a power-mesh capri liner to control the tummy, rear and thigh areas. Creases down the middle of the pant will slim your leg. Pant colors such as red and green will draw the attention to your lower half so keep the pants in a darker color, such as black or navy blue. Save the bold colors for the top.

How to Train to Get Stronger & Bigger

Muscle mass and strength are two different aspects of fitness. Based on these two factors, a person is said to be stronger, bigger, or both. While considering the exercises and training to become stronger and bigger, one major factor is the efficiency and type of exercise. Even if you spend nine or 10 hours in a gym inefficiently, it may not give you the required result. Does this Spark an idea?

Divide the entire time you have for becoming stronger and bigger into two cycles. Concentrate in the first cycle to build muscular mass and, in the second cycle, to build muscular strength. Muscular mass is the factor that makes you bigger, while muscular strength makes you stronger. The more muscle mass you have, the greater your potential is to develop muscular strength and, thus, to become stronger, so they are very much related.

Build muscular mass in the first cycle. Select each day of the week for different parts of your body. For example; on Monday, work your legs and shoulders, on Wednesdays work your chest and back, and so on until you work all your body's muscle groups. Select two exercises suitable for the part. Try to complete more than 5 repetitions per exercise. Stress is the best technique to become stronger and bigger, so concentrate on bench presses, push ups, rows and dead lifts.

Build muscular strength on your second cycle. Choose any strength-based program like weight training, body building training and high-intensity training. During strength training, increase your weight to help you become stronger. This also allows you to concentrate more on rigorous exercises. Give 30 seconds between set of exercises to rest. Increase it to 1 or 2 minutes as fatigue sets in.

Tricks to Look Thinner

If you are feeling down in the dumps about your weight, your clothing can help you in many ways. Pieces can slim you down dramatically, and make you look like you lost 10 pounds. There are many tricks and tips for looking thinner, not only with clothing, but with makeup and even your own attitude.


Wearing black is one of the most highly-used tricks. Black opaque tights make legs appear slimmer and also hide flaws such as scars, varicose veins and winter paleness. Darker colors such as grey, navy and black are more slimming. Wearing skirts or pants with a top of a similar color elongates the body and makes it appear slimmer.


Using makeup in certain ways can make your face appear slimmer. If you have a larger chin, minimize by using a bronzer one shade darker than your natural skin tone. Using a large fluffy brush, sweep across the powder and apply underneath the chin down the neck lightly. Doing this creates a shadow and eliminates flaws, making them less noticeable. Use blush along the cheekbones instead of the apples. Use more than one shade, usually three, each a bit darker than the next. Apply the darkest shade to the hairline and just under the cheekbones, blending well. Apply a medium color just above the darker color and blend them together. Apply the lightest color on cheek bones for a highlight. To slim a nose, use a light reflective color foundation powder applied down the bridge with a large blush brush. Use a darker color, one shade darker than your skin tone on the sides to minimize the largeness.

Fashion Tips

V-necks are perfect for women with a thicker neck and chest. The make the neck appear longer. If wearing a full skirt, keep the top fitted to create an even line, as well as the opposite fuller top with slim-fitting bottoms. Wearing baggy clothes can make you appear bigger. Always wear properly fitted clothes; anything too tight or too loose has adverse effects on looking slim. High heels always make legs seem leaner and longer. Keep away from shoes with straps or smaller kitten heels. Horizontal lines are not good for someone with a large mid-section; keep it vertical. Verticals create longer lines, making you appear taller and thinner. Wrap dresses accentuate curves in a good way and slim the waist. Avoid shiny fabrics that can reflect light and create bulk and weight on clothing.


Walking with your head held high and good posture is a surefire way to make you appear taller and slimmer. Wear a smile on your face and don't think too much about your appearance. Ignore size tags; the number is not always as it seems. Highlight your body's assets. Drawing positive attention to the things you love most on your body takes away any negative feelings you have on other parts.

How to Design a Small Dress

Designing clothes may be one fantasy every little girl has at least once during her childhood, but very few women actually make it to designing fashions on a large scale. This may be due to the fact that it takes a lot of hard work and money to make it to the big leagues, but most women who have a true interest or a natural talent stick to making clothes for themselves and their loved ones. Designing small dresses can be difficult because every aspect of the dress is minimized.

Draw a blank body on your piece of paper with arms outstretched. This will be your base model for designing the dress. You should make sure it is a body type accurate for the person you are designing the dress for. Body types for women include apple, pear and hourglass shapes.

Draw the neckline for the dress. There are several kinds of necklines for dresses, and the one you pick will depend on whether you want the neckline to be conservative, revealing or somewhere in between. Conservative necklines include Bateau, Sabrina, portrait and jewel necklines. Revealing necklines include halter neck, Queen Anne, sweetheart and empire necklines. There are casual necklines as well, which can fall anywhere in between conservative and revealing. These necklines include vee neck, crew neck, turtle neck, scoop neck and cowl neck.

Draw the waistline you want in the dress. You could make it a snug fitting waistline or a loose one that can be brought in with a waist cincher. It is not a good idea to have a dress with no waist at all as the person may be lost in the fabric, and it will not show any of the person's shape.

Draw in the type of skirt that should go on the dress. There are several varieties of skirt, just like the necklines, and the length of the skirt as well as the shape should depend in part on the body type of the individual for whom the dress is being made. For example, if the person is petite, a full-length skirt is probably not the best option since it can make a person look shorter than she actually is. Different types of skirts include A-line skirts, flare skirts and pencil skirts.

Color in the design as desired with colored pencils. Make side notes as to what kind of fabric you will use as well as any liners to include and special notes for sewing. Sew the dress and perform several fittings during the process.


- You will make a much better design if you have the help of the person who will be wearing the dress to find out what she likes as well as her measurements.


- It is illegal to make exact copies of designer clothing. To do so may result in heavy fines and incarceration.

How to Restore Crocs

Crocs are a brand of shoes made out of a foam resin called croslite. Like all footwear, your Crocs can start to show wear and tear after much use, causing them to look dull and dirty. You can restore the luster of your Crocs using transparent shoe polish available at your local drugstore or the official Crocs polisher, called Crocsbutter, which you can purchase at any Crocs store. Does this Spark an idea?

Wipe your Crocs with a clean rag to remove any dirt, dust and other small particles from the surface.

Moisten a clean cloth with water and dishwashing liquid. Wipe the Crocs with it to remove any stains or oils. Set the Crocs aside and let them air dry for about 30 minutes.

Pour a small amount of colorless shoe wax on a clean cotton brush and apply it to the Crocs in a circular manner. If you are using the official Crocsbutter shoe polish, simply take out the brush and brush the Crocs in a circular manner. The wax is already embedded in the Crocsbutter brush.

Wait for the shoe wax to dry completely before wearing your Crocs.

How to Make Your Own Rasta Shoes

Rasta shoes are shoes heavily influenced by Jamaican and Rastafarian culture. The colors are primarily black, red, yellow and green. There are a lot of different designs for Rasta shoes using those four basic colors. If you know how to make your own shoes, you can easily make one by following traditional shoe-making methods and designing the shoe to bear the colors of Jamaica. Does this Spark an idea?

Making Your Shoe Template

Visualize your shoe design. Draw a sketch of how you want your finished product to look like.

Cover the shoe last with at least two layers masking tape.

Run a sharp knife along the bottom of the shoe last, following the pattern you have created on paper. The extracted pattern will be your shoe template.

Assembling the Shoe

Cut out your canvas fabric using the pattern of your shoe template as guide. Remember to cut out two patterns: one for the right foot and one for the left foot.

Attach the fabric that you have cut out to the rubber soles using shoe cement. This will be the upper portion of the shoe. Be careful to follow the specifications of your original design.

Stitch or glue together the canvas parts that are separate from each other.

Punch holes on the flaps on the upper portion for the shoelaces.

Put aside to let the adhesives dry.

Painting the Shoe

Use the fine-tip marker to outline three divisions on the shoes.

Fill in colors on the divisions using the acrylic fabric paint. Color the first division green, the second one yellow, and then the last one red. This will serve as the background color on your shoes.

Use the paint markers to add more Rastafarian-inspired detail -- such as the lion or the lion's head -- if you want.

Place your shoes in proper temperature as specified by the paint manufacturers to let dry.

Attach the shoelaces once the paint has dried.


- Try painting on a sketch first, before applying it on the shoes so that you can see how it looks like on paper first.

- Strip off an old pair of shoes of the same kind as you are making. This will help you see better how all the parts are put together.

- Always remember that you are making a pair of shoes. So whatever you put on the right shoe, you must be able to do exactly the same on the left shoe.

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How to Make Slides Bigger in Keynote

If you're creating a slide-show presentation in Keynote, you may need to change the size of the slides to fit a certain aspect ratio. Slides in a Keynote presentation are not limited to a particular size, but the program has few sizes to choose from. Upon launching the program, Keynote defaults to a slide size of 1024 x 768 pixels, but it can be changed to larger sizes, depending upon your projection or print requirements.

Click the Keynote icon on your dock. The "Theme Chooser" window will open. Select "Open" from the "File" menu, then navigate to an existing Keynote presentation on your Mac. Alternatively, select an icon in the "Theme Chooser" window to start a new presentation with your chosen theme.

Select the blue "Inspector" icon in the Keynote menu to choose another slide size or customize your own size. Select the "Document" icon, which appears as the first icon on the left pane of the "Inspector" window."

Click the pull-down menu next to "Slide Size" to choose larger sizes than are available in the "Theme Chooser" window. Click "Custom slide size" to set your own height and weight size in pixels. Click "OK."


- If your Keynote slide show contains HD movies, select a higher resolution theme with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This slide size requires more memory. Not all themes in the software offer this slide size.

How to Deal With Female Troublemakers at Work

According to Robert Sutton, a professor at Stanford University, women are often good at reading emotions and subtly harassing coworkers. (Reference 1.) Small pointed digs can make female bullies more difficult to deal with than someone who is an obvious troublemaker. Women may backstab and hurt other women in an attempt to exclude them. Don't let female troublemakers ruin your work environment. Use a few strategies to deal with them.

Look the troublemaker in the eye and listen to her during times when she may be shouting at you. Let her continue to vent until she finally gets tired and stops. Repeat her concerns back to her and offer possible solutions to fix whatever her issues are.

Deal with the troublemaker in a calm, professional manner. Avoid showing her that you are upset. She wants to make you upset, and showing her that you might be may only further encourage her to cause trouble.

Deal with a sneaky coworker by telling her that you are aware of what she's doing. Tell her that if she does not stop, you will report her to the human resources department, then walk away without engaging in an argument.

Document all instances of troublemaking at work. Write down the date, time and what happened.

Report the troublemaker to your immediate supervisor. Bring your documentation with you to point out everything that has happened. Remain calm and explain how this is affecting your job performance.

Talk to the human resources department if things do not get better after talking to your supervisor.


- Avoid letting the troublemaker upset you so much that it negatively impacts your work performance.

Does Painting a Ceiling Make Your Room Look Bigger or Smaller?

It's important to remember that a ceiling is essentially one-fifth of any room. The ceiling provides great space to enhance a room; however, it's important to recognize how paint colors will affect the room. Certain colors reflect light, making the space seem bigger. Other color choices will make the room artistic, cozy and snug. Depending on how you will use the room, select a paint options to provide the right outcome. Does this Spark an idea?

White Works on 8-Foot Ceilings

A standard room will look bigger with a stark white ceiling. If your ceiling is 8 feet tall, this is standard height. If you paint the ceiling a medium or dark color, the ceiling will seem shorter -- which you do not want. A small room, such as a half bath, might look great with tan walls; however, paint the ceiling white to make the room seem as large as possible. White reflects light in a small space.

Alternate Colors Fit Taller Ceilings

Painting a ceiling a bright or alternate color works in some cases. If your child's bedroom is 9 feet tall, for example, it's perfectly okay to paint the ceiling sky blue. Make sure the walls reflect plenty of light, so paint them white to balance the blue if the room is average size. You can install a wall of mirror tiles, too, to expand the space. With a high ceiling, painting it an alternate color can make the room cozy -- without looking smaller.

Opulence Requires Artistry

Elegant ceiling paint color might be the best choice. This might include pale yellow or a faux painting technique to create a gold marbleized look, for example. An opulent chandelier hanging from a 12-foot ceiling becomes a focal point if the ceiling has an artistic look. Plain white will make the ceiling simply disappear in this case. By using a cream, pale yellow or paint color with some gold added, the ceiling looks more regal, but does not make the room or entry look smaller.

Lovely Colors Offer Accent

A painted ceiling with some color is needed in a super-bright room with high ceilings. If your home has a room with a 10-foot ceiling and a wall of windows, a neutral paint might work well on the ceiling space. A pale taupe or light green works well to bring the ceiling down. All-white walls with a white ceiling will give the room a cold feeling. Envision a white room with walls of windows and white plantation blinds. By adding a mint-green ceiling paint, you make the room more inviting. Use this same green color in rugs and throw pillows to tie the room together.

Commercial Spaces are Unique

Painting a common area ceiling white works in commercial settings. If you paint a huge hotel lobby white, including all walls and ceilings, you will make the whole space look bigger. This is a real plus, due to the fact that guests like ample room in a hotel. White paint on all entrance ceilings and downstairs rooms will make them seem bigger. This gives the feeling that hotel room upstairs are large, not skimpy. The lobby provides that important "first impression."

Does White Furniture Make a Room Look Bigger?

If you're planning to redecorate a small or poorly lit room, white furniture will help to create the impression of a larger, lighter space. The use of white furniture alone may not make a room look bigger, but carefully planning the rest of the decor to complement the white pieces will create a light, spacious and airy finished effect. Does this Spark an idea?

Positioning the Furniture

Badly positioned furniture can make a large room appear small and cramped, so in a smaller room where the objective is to make it appear larger, the positioning of the furniture is extremely important. Don't place furniture too close to doors, as this will prevent them from opening fully, instantly creating the feeling of entering a small space. Avoid positioning sofas and chairs in the middle of the room -- as this effectively creates a barrier -- and try to keep the furniture away from windows as this will block the light. Keeping the furniture around the edges of the room creates a large space in the center of the room, thus making the room feel bigger. Use a white, glass-topped coffee table; the eye travels through the glass, rather than coming to a dead stop, which creates a feeling of space.

All White

Combining white furniture with white decor to create a completely white interior is the most effective way of making a room look bigger. The simplicity of the color scheme makes a dramatic impact, and many people think of white as a spiritual color. Dress the furniture with white items such as cushions, pillows, throws, table runners and rugs in different fabrics, with a variety of finishes to prevent the room from feeling too sparse.

Light, Cool Colors

Combining white furniture with other colors creates a number of different effects. Cool colors such as silvers, light blues, light greens and violets visually recede, meaning they appear farther away than they actually are. When teamed with white furniture, cool colors will make a room appear larger, but will also create a cold, frosty effect. Lighter colors, such as yellow, reflect light, which will always make a room look bigger. When teamed with white furniture these shades create a light and sunny effect

Warm, Dark Colors

Warm reds and oranges advance a room, which means these colors appear closer than they really are. Dark colors don't reflect light and therefore also make a room appear smaller. These shades should be avoided if you want the white furniture to help create a sense of space. Even white furniture can't make a room appear larger if the paint on the walls makes the room seem smaller.

Decor Styles

There are many styles of decor that suit white furniture. Zen styles combine white furniture with natural materials such as bamboo to create a relaxed, serene space. Cottage and country chic styles feature white-painted wooden furniture for a clean and welcoming effect. Any style that highlights Roman and Greek design features -- such as French Empire style --uses plenty of white furniture combined with splashes of rich gold for a regal effect.

Does Hanging Curtains at Ceiling Level Make a Room Look Bigger?

Decorators often recommend hanging curtains as close to the ceiling as possible, even if windows are a foot or two below the ceiling. The conventional wisdom attached to this advice is that the long lengths of curtain fabric lengthen the look of the walls and fool the eye into believing that the windows are larger than they are. Does this Spark an idea?

Why it Works

Hanging curtains close to the ceiling draws the eye up, which makes walls appear elongated and the ceiling higher, giving the illusion of more space. Curtains hung just above the window, on the other hand, visually divide the wall, which gives it choppy look that can feel crowded.

The Crown Molding Issue

If your walls have crown molding, hang your curtains just below the bottom of the molding. Crown molding adds rich character and architectural interest. Unless your ceilings are very low, it's not a good idea to cover up such a wonderful architectural element. If your ceilings are low, it may be well worth the added visual height to cover a portion of your crown molding. Instead of drilling into the molding to hang the rod, hang a ceiling-mount rod from the ceiling just next to the molding.

Curtain and Wall Color

Match your curtain and wall color to add even more visual space to your room. Just as low-hanging curtains visually divide a wall, so do curtains that contrast to wall color. A monochromatic color scheme gives the illusion that your walls extend on and on.

Curtain Volume

While full, billowing curtains are luxurious and eye-catching, they are better suited to larger rooms simply because their volume takes up space. For smaller rooms, stay with simple panels made of lightweight fabrics. Even when pushed away from the window and gathered together, these curtains will keep a low profile and not take up valuable living space.

More Room-Enlarging Tips for Windows and Curtains

When possible, open your curtains to let as much natural light in as possible, as natural light immediately opens up a room, giving it a spacious feel. Keep your windows clean to let in the most light possible. A view to the outdoors adds visual space as well, so keep those curtains open whenever possible. Another trick is to hang mirrors on walls opposite your windows. Not only will they reflect the windows' natural light into your room, they give the illusion of more space by offering views of the outdoors from many different angles.

How to Make a Bedroom Look French

French bedrooms have a soft, natural feel that incorporates many Old World decor elements. Natural materials like wood, cotton and iron are used to create this look. Soft lighting and a simple room complete it. Use elements from French design to create a room that is both modern and classic. French rooms have a soft romantic appeal, which is perfect for bedrooms. Does this Spark an idea?

Paint the walls a soft, muted color, such as off-white, pale pink or blue. Use a whitewashed painting technique to give the room a French country appearance.

Install flooring that looks like traditional hardwood or terracotta. Use laminate flooring if hardwood is too expensive. Add throw rugs made from natural fibers, if desired.

Select furniture made of natural material like iron or wood. Paint wood so it appears whitewashed or limewashed. As with the walls, use soft colors like off-white and blue. Do not overclutter the room. Add a bed, armoire and chair.

Dress the windows in soft sheers that reach the floor and even pool on the floor. Use wrought iron window hardware.

Install a chandelier and wall sconces for lighting. Choose Old World-style lighting such as those made from wrought iron. Lighting that mimics candles is ideal.

Make the bed up with high-quality linens with lace accents. Stay with the theme of soft, muted colors. Blankets and quilts are more traditional that modern duvets.

Ways to Paint a Room to Make it Look Bigger

Almost everyone wants a larger home than they have. But if you can't afford a larger space, then make the space you do have seem larger through a few simple painting techniques. Painting is a cost-effective way to make your home seem larger, whether your goal is to live in the home and enjoy its faux airiness yourself, or whether you plan to sell it and wish to make the best impression possible on would-be purchasers. Does this Spark an idea?

Choose Light Colors

Paint the walls and the ceiling of your room a light, bright, reflective color, such as a light blue, a light green or even white. Such colors reflect light and give the appearance of a larger space.

Paint Trim a Lighter Color

Paint base trim and any moldings one to two shades lighter than the walls and the ceiling. This tricks the eye into assuming that the walls are further away than the woodwork, making the room seem bigger.

Coat Your Wall with Polyurethane

Finish your walls with a coat of satin polyurethane. This will give your walls a bright sheen that will make them appear brighter and further away.

Add Stripes

Choose a wall that is the focal point of a room. This is the wall that the eye is first drawn to when entering the room. This wall may have a fireplace or a bookshelf or some other object that draws the eye to it. Paint 3- to 5-inch vertical stripes on the wall in complementary colors so that the stripes are barely noticeable. Like wearing striped clothing to make you look thinner, subtle stripes on a wall can make a room seem larger.