Thursday, 16 May 2013

Eye Make-Up Ideas for Prom

The prom is a time of dressing up and dancing the night away with friends. Flowing gowns, high heels, updos and perfect makeup are a must for a girl heading out the door for this magical night in her teenage life. Eye makeup for proms is often bolder and more colorful than that worn on a daily basis. Practicing application prior to the prom is suggested. Does this Spark an idea?

Smoky Gray

Purchase black or charcoal eyeliner and eyeliner in dark, medium and light gray shades. Line the top of your eye from the inner corner of your eye, past the outer edge all the way to the eye socket bone. Using a small brush, apply the darkest shade of gray just above the liner in a thin line. Apply only to the outer edge of the lid, leaving a bit of eyeliner farther out. Using a small fan type brush, apply the medium shade of gray just above the darker shade from the inner corner all the way to the edge of the eyeliner covering the entire lower lid. After applying to each side, lightly brush over the shadow with the brush to blend it with the darker shade just below it. Take a large fan brush and apply the lightest shade of gray to the upper lid area, connecting with the darker shade at the outer edge.
The smoky gray look goes well with black, white or gray dresses. Dresses of odd shades or multiple colors are also matched well with this look.

Match Four

You can choose to match your eyeliner to the color dress you choose. Pick out four complementing shades of the same color. Choose nonmatte varieties. Using a small brush, apply your darkest color along the eyelash line. Using the same brush, apply the next lighter shade to the inner half of the lower lid. Apply the next lighter shade to the outer half of the lower lid. Use the lightest shade to cover the top lid area. Use a fan brush to blend the separating lines between each color.
If you cannot find four shades to match your dress, consider getting a medium or dark gray for your darkest shade, or a very light gray for your upper lid.

Sparkle and Shine

For a super-bold look on the eyes, put some petroleum jelly and glitter to use. Purchase body glitter in the colors of your choice. You may want to mix the colors of your dress in with silver or gold glitter for a truly outrageous look.
Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to your upper and lower eyelid. Be cautious not to get the concoction in your eyes, avoiding the inner corner. With a small makeup brush, dip carefully into the glitter and gently shake off the majority of the glitter. Dab the brush gently onto your eyelid beginning on the lower inner lid. Work your way up the lid slowly applying the glitter. Do not attempt to add glitter on top of what you have applied.