Saturday, 4 May 2013

How to Make My Uggs Look New

Named "Brand of the Year" by Footwear News in 2003, Ugg's Australian sheepskin boots have become the must-have fashion accessory of the young and trendy. The company was started in 1978, when young Australian surfer Brian Smith traveled to California to pursue his beloved surfing, while selling a backpack full of sheepskin boots to make ends meet. Ugg uses twin-face sheepskin in its products, which is generally light in color. Uggs can soon start to look worn and dirty if they are not cared for well. Uggs are expensive, purchase an Ugg's own-brand Care Kit to keep them looking good. Alternatively, you can use a gentle detergent such as baby shampoo or Woolite to clean them.

Fill a spray bottle with cold water and dampen the exteriors of your Uggs.

Dilute your liquid soap in a cup of warm water. For best results, use a non-enzyme soap.

Dip your toothbrush into the solution and gently brush the interiors and exteriors of your boots.

Dampen your sponge with warm water and rub over the boots, removing any detergent.

Scrunch up some paper towels and stuff your Uggs to keep their shape. Let them dry naturally in a dark place.

Fluff the wool on the interiors of the boots with a small natural bristle brush, when completely dry.


- Before wearing new Uggs treat them with a stain preventer to help them stop absorbing dirt and stains.


- Use proprietary sheepskin cleaners or non-enzyme liquid soaps.