Thursday, 18 April 2013

Does White Furniture Make a Room Look Bigger?

If you're planning to redecorate a small or poorly lit room, white furniture will help to create the impression of a larger, lighter space. The use of white furniture alone may not make a room look bigger, but carefully planning the rest of the decor to complement the white pieces will create a light, spacious and airy finished effect. Does this Spark an idea?

Positioning the Furniture

Badly positioned furniture can make a large room appear small and cramped, so in a smaller room where the objective is to make it appear larger, the positioning of the furniture is extremely important. Don't place furniture too close to doors, as this will prevent them from opening fully, instantly creating the feeling of entering a small space. Avoid positioning sofas and chairs in the middle of the room -- as this effectively creates a barrier -- and try to keep the furniture away from windows as this will block the light. Keeping the furniture around the edges of the room creates a large space in the center of the room, thus making the room feel bigger. Use a white, glass-topped coffee table; the eye travels through the glass, rather than coming to a dead stop, which creates a feeling of space.

All White

Combining white furniture with white decor to create a completely white interior is the most effective way of making a room look bigger. The simplicity of the color scheme makes a dramatic impact, and many people think of white as a spiritual color. Dress the furniture with white items such as cushions, pillows, throws, table runners and rugs in different fabrics, with a variety of finishes to prevent the room from feeling too sparse.

Light, Cool Colors

Combining white furniture with other colors creates a number of different effects. Cool colors such as silvers, light blues, light greens and violets visually recede, meaning they appear farther away than they actually are. When teamed with white furniture, cool colors will make a room appear larger, but will also create a cold, frosty effect. Lighter colors, such as yellow, reflect light, which will always make a room look bigger. When teamed with white furniture these shades create a light and sunny effect

Warm, Dark Colors

Warm reds and oranges advance a room, which means these colors appear closer than they really are. Dark colors don't reflect light and therefore also make a room appear smaller. These shades should be avoided if you want the white furniture to help create a sense of space. Even white furniture can't make a room appear larger if the paint on the walls makes the room seem smaller.

Decor Styles

There are many styles of decor that suit white furniture. Zen styles combine white furniture with natural materials such as bamboo to create a relaxed, serene space. Cottage and country chic styles feature white-painted wooden furniture for a clean and welcoming effect. Any style that highlights Roman and Greek design features -- such as French Empire style --uses plenty of white furniture combined with splashes of rich gold for a regal effect.