Monday, 15 April 2013

What Color Carpet Will Make a Room Look Bigger?

Make a small room look larger by using light colors. Carpeting small rooms with a light color and painting walls and ceilings with light or pastel colors provides an illusion of space. Limiting patterns and clutter in a small room also can help with making a room appear larger. Natural light and artificial light can be situated for providing the maximum amount of light in a small room. Does this Spark an idea?

Carpeting Key to Room Decor

Carpeting a room with a light color capreting with little to no pattern provides a low-key foundation for building the room's decor. Coordinating a color scheme of light tones or choosing a monochromatic color scheme also helps with opening up a smaller room. Light carpet with a minimum of decorative items on the floor draws the eye across the expanse of carpet. When choosing carpet for a small room, smooth texture and solid light colors work best for small rooms. Highly patterned and textured carpets require visual processing, while a light solid color carpet provides a flow between furniture and other objects in the room.

Carpeting and Light

Using natural and artificual lighting along with light solid-colored carpet draws visitors' eyes into a small room. Hang a brightly colored painting or visually interesting wall hanging in a small room. Creating a single focal point encourages visitors to look across a smaller room. Light-colored carpet enhances this effect, as it does not compete with the object situated as a focal point in a smaller room. Light carpeting can be enhanced in a small room by using glass tables that allow large expanses of carpet to be seen.

Simple Decor

Painting doors and window frames a similar color to the walls and carpet in a small room reduces visual breaks in the flow of a small room's decor. Create simple but not sterile decor based on a light color pallette. Place one houseplant, lamp or decorative object in a few locations within a small room. Avoid grouping several items closely together, as they will compete with the visual flow created by the light-colored carpet and room interior. Select window treatments, furniture and accessories similar in tone to the light walls, ceiling and carpet in a small room. Using light tones throughout a small room provides visual continuity and reduces the appearance of clutter provided by dark or harshly contrasting colors and patterns.

Transparency and Reflection

Light carpeting can be enhanced in a small room by using glass tables and decor items. Using mirrors and lighting along with light, solid-colored carpet draws visitors' eyes into a small room, and mirrors can provide an illusion of additional space. Mirroring one wall of a small room provides the appearance of doubling its size. Glass tables allow large expanses of light-colored carpeting to be visible throughout a small room. Using sheer or light-colored window treatments increases natural light, which illuminates the walls, carpet and decor of a small room.