Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to Gain Fat Cheeks

Fatter cheeks can alter a person's appearance dramatically. Plastic surgeons and beauty experts favor a fuller cheek, suggesting that it gives a younger and more 'fresh-faced' look. Gaining fatter cheeks can be done in two ways: gaining weight or undergoing cheek implant surgery. Although fairly drastic, surgery is often the favored option in terms of gaining a fuller cheek as weight gain, which causes the cheeks to fatten, also causes weight gain elsewhere in the body. This in turn, can create health problems. Does this Spark an idea?

Talk to a physician or surgeon before deciding to do anything drastic. Plastic surgery is a life-changing and expensive procedure.

Undergo a full checkup with your physician if you decide surgery is the right path for you. Surgery is extremely invasive and you will need to be fully fit and healthy to undergo the procedure.

Ensure you find a fully qualified and fully registered plastic surgeon (they should be board certified). You can do this by looking online. For example, search for "board certified plastic surgeons in my area." This should flag a number of surgeons with whom you can arrange consultations. They should then advise you on the best treatment options to suit your needs.

Talk to your chosen surgeon and decide how you want your cheeks to look. Experiment with where you believe an implant should be placed in your face to get a real idea of what it will eventually look like. Also discuss what kind of material the cheek implant will be made of.

Book your surgery and undergo the procedure. At first, you will be put to sleep using anesthesia. This will usually be with either general or local anesthetic. An incision will either be made on the inside of the mouth or directly under the chin, thus leaving less obvious scars. The procedure should take one or two hours, after which time you will be free to go home and rest.

Rest at home. You will need time to recover and allow the scars to heal. Make sure you keep the area clean. It will lessen the chance of infection. The doctor or surgeon should give you after-care information.


- Surgery is a drastic measure. Make sure you consider all your other options and are 100 per cent happy with the decision.

- If at any time you are unhappy, say to the surgeon that you want to change something or cancel the procedure. Implants require invasive surgery and you must be fully prepared.