Thursday, 25 April 2013

How to Make Your Own Pastry Shoes

Pastry shoes are a fashion line of fun, colorful and sparkly shoes designed by Vanessa and Angela Simmons. The shoes are available for toddlers, teens and young adults. The Pastry brand also includes clothing, handbags and accessories that reflect a sweet and showy style. However, you can make your own Pastry look-alike shoes with a few supplies and some creativity. Pair your newly made shoes with an equally colorful and fun outfit to complete your look.

Buy a pair of shoes, or use a pair you have, that are the same style and color as the Pastry shoes you wish to replicate.

Use a paintbrush to paint sections of the shoes with fabric or acrylic paint. It may be helpful to have a picture of a Pastry shoe that you like in front of you to ensure that your design turns out correctly. Use one color per section of the shoe for the best results. The shoe can even be painted along the side of the rubber sole to give it a bright, unique touch. Allow the paint to dry overnight.

Pour a small amount of crystal glue onto a paper or plastic plate.

Pick up a crystal with the tweezers.

Touch the end of a toothpick to the glue and apply the glue to the flat side of the crystal.

Press the crystal to the shoe, using the tweezers to ensure an accurate placement. Crystals can be applied anywhere on the shoe, including on the sides of the shoe's sole.

Apply any decals to the shoe that you like. To do so, use crystal glue or the adhesive supplied with the decal.

Allow the decals and crystals to dry according to the glue's directions.

Re-lace the shoes with bright and sparkly shoelaces that match your design.


- Do not use extra-strength glue on the crystals, as it will give them a hazy look.