Saturday, 20 April 2013

How to Shrink the Tip of My Nose

If you are self-conscious about the size of your nose, there are a few things that you do to make it appear smaller without resorting to extreme measures such as surgery. The tip of your nose can be made to look smaller with a few tips, tricks and suggestions. Rhinoplasty is always an option, but surgical procedures for beauty reasons are not covered by most insurance companies, and surgery can be very expensive -- as well as risky. Does this Spark an idea?


Apply makeup to make your nose appear smaller and to cover up acne or scars that might draw attention to it. Apply a fine line of concealer down the bridge of your nose starting at the top and ending at the tip. Apply a slightly darker shade along the sides of your nose.

Blend the makeup well with a blending tool or makeup brush. Blend the makeup to the point that the line between the concealer colors is not visible.

Set the makeup that you have applied with a thin layer of powder makeup. This will help to keep the makeup in place and prevent shine.


Wear colorful large accessories to divert attention from your nose. Wear a large hat to dry attention to the top of your head or a colorful scarf to have people looking down at it rather than directly at your face.

Wear eyeglasses that complement the shade of your face. Dark rimmed glasses are known to make a person's nose look smaller.

Wear large hanging earrings that draw people's eyes to the edges of your face and down.

Body Language

Position your head slightly downward and cocked a bit to the side to make our nose appear smaller.

Practice with various angle and positions by having someone take photos of you or by taking self-portraits. Go through the images to see what angles make your nose appear the size that you would like it to look.

Walk with confidence and feel proud of yourself. If you feel awkward or self-conscious, you could end up feeling paranoid and you could trick yourself into thinking that people are staring at the flaws that you think you have even if they are not.