Saturday, 20 April 2013

How to Use a Large Crease Brush

A crease brush is a must-have tool for applying eye makeup three-dimensionally. If you have a deep eye socket or like wearing a wider swatch of accent color, a larger crease brush is ideal. Learn how to use a crease brush masterfully and get the expressive eye look you want. With this kind of brush you can press or sweep the color where you want it. For the best application, use brushes made from real or quality synthetic hair. Does this Spark an idea?

Apply eye primer or a nude eye color to the entire eye lid using a sponge or long-bristled eye shadow brush.

Dip the wide, flat brush tip into the eye shadow or pigment. Lay the brush tip flat against the contour of the outer eye. Grasp the handle of the brush near the middle loosely but controlled.

Sweep the powder into the eye crease moving the crease brush from the outer edge of the eye inward to the middle. Since the crease brush is large you only move to drag the color slightly. Don't use exaggerated motions. Repeat this for both eyes.

Use a blending brush, if you like, to blend all the colors together smoothly.


- The crease brush should be used last for adding the darkest, contour color.

- Press pigments into the crease with an up and down movement, not a sweeping one.