Saturday, 13 April 2013

How to Make a Bedroom Bigger on a Single Wide Trailer

If you're living in a single wide trailer, the condensed space can be frustrating. You may feel that your bedroom is so full of furniture that there isn't much open space left, which can leave you with a claustrophobic feeling. Even though you're working with a small amount of space, there are things that can be done to open up the room a bit and make it seem bigger and less confining. Does this Spark an idea?

Paint the bedroom. Skip the dark shades, and opt for lighter tones. Light colors such as pale blue, cool green, white and yellow are good choices for a small room. These colors will open up the room and make it seem a little larger.

Push your bed against the wall. This will create more open space in the room itself. Alternately, place the bed at an angle, which will also leave some open areas in the room. Don't put furniture in the middle of the room. This just breaks the room up and makes it look overcrowded.

Decorate with purpose. Add an eye-catching chandelier or light fixture to the ceiling to draw the eye and create visual interest, or hang an interesting piece of art on the wall to provide a focal point. Hang a mirror or two in the bedroom, which creates an illusion of more space.

Choose furniture that works overtime. Instead of having a separate desk, dresser and nightstand, pick a piece that can work as a nighstand and a desk, or a dresser and a nightstand. Furniture that can be useful in two or more ways will free up space in the bedroom.