Friday, 12 April 2013

What Kind of Shirts Look Best With a Bigger Chest?

Different styles of shirts typically compliment women differently depending on their natural features. Find out what kind of shirts look best with a bigger chest with help from an image expert, author and speaker in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sarah Shah, image expert and author of Dress Yourself Skinny. The book that teaches you how to dress the body you have to look like the body you want. And today, I'm here at Tweak Style Boutique in Houston, Texas to answer the question what kind of shirts look best with a bigger chest? Well, here are a couple examples. First, look for necklines that are high and cover all your cleavage. Most people who have a bigger chest want to minimize their chest. Or look for tops that have a very flat and dark and simple neckline. That's very minimizing. And finally, you can look for shirts that have details that are up and away from the bust line. So this collar has a really nice detail inside or here on the sleeve. And when you're choosing accessories, put them up and away from your bust line. So earrings or choker style necklaces work really well. So those are the shirts that work best when you have a bigger chest. I'm Sarah Shah, and thanks for watching.