Monday, 15 April 2013

How to Make a Vaulted Room Look Bigger by Painting

Small rooms will look bigger if they have vaulted ceilings, but you can further accentuate the look of a small room using paint. Paint will reflect light and give the illusion of space. Try using a semigloss or gloss paint to help reflect light even more. Choose colors that suit the decor and theme of the room but always choose light colors for the purpose of creating a larger space. Does this Spark an idea?

Paint the walls a light base color, such as ivory or soft yellow. The lighter the walls are, the more light is reflected into the room, making it look bigger.

Add 14-inch-wide stripes to the wall in another light color by measuring the distance between the stripes and applying painter's tape to divide them. Paint the stripes a soft blue or green to complement the base color.

Paint the ceiling one of the colors used on the wall, such as ivory or soft blue. This makes the ceiling look like it is an extension of the room, making the space look much larger than it actually is.


- Use hortizontal stripes if you want the room to appear wider rather than taller. Alternatively, simplify things by painting the walls a solid color and extending the color up to the ceiling; this on its own will make a difference in how big the room feels.

- Roll a towel and put it behind your neck while painting the ceiling so you don't get a sore neck from looking up.

- Add mirrors and choose smaller furniture to make the room look bigger.