Thursday, 2 May 2013

How to Find Your Eye Shape

Determining your eye shape can be a useful. Armed with this information, you can make learn how to make the best use of makeup to compliment your looks. Just as you might want to choose the right eyeshadow to enhance the color of your eyes, knowing what basic eye shape you're working with will tell you how much and where exactly to apply eye makeup. Does this Spark an idea?

Place yourself in front of a mirror, preferably in natural lighting.

Open your eyes, as you do naturally.

Notice the amount of eyelid that is visible between your upper lashes and your brow bone. If this area appears smaller proportionally to the rest of your features, you have small eyes.

Look at your your eyelid. If the inside corner of your eyes has a comparatively less pronounced lid than the outer corner of your eyes, then your eyes are deep-set. If you cannot see your eyelid at all, you have hooded eyes.

Look at the inner corners of both eyes. If there is little space in between these two points in proportion to the rest of your features, you have close-set eyes. Alternatively, if there is a great deal of space between these points in relation to the rest of your features, your eyes are widely set.

Look at the outer corner of your eye. If there is a bit of an upswept lift, you have almond shaped-eyes, which are one of the most common. If your outer corner appears to be in proportion to your inner corner, though they are slightly less high than the highest point of the eye, you have oval eyes. If your eyes are on the large side and don't vary as much between outer and inner point, you have round eyes.