Monday, 6 May 2013

How to Relieve Tired Looking Eyes

If you have been up late studying, partying or working, traces of the lack of sleep will be evident in your eyes. Tired eyes look puffy, with prominent dark under-eye circles. The under-eye area also might feel swollen and tender, with eyes feeling dry and itchy. Relieve these tired-eye symptoms using home remedies and store-bought products. Does this Spark an idea?

Soothe Puffy Eyes

Drink 8 oz. of water. This will restore hydration and decrease fluid retention.

Place two cold spoons, a frozen gel eye mask or a bag of frozen peas over your eyes.

Lie down and place two pillows underneath your head. This will elevate your head and help decrease fluid retention in the face.

After 10 minutes remove the cold spoons, eye mask or frozen peas.

Cut two thin cucumber slices.

Place sliced cucumbers over your eyes and lie down with your head elevated. Stay in this position until pressure in under-eye area subsides.

Apply an under-eye cream designed to make the eyes less puffy. Examples of these products include Origin GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream, Freeze 24/7 Eyecing Fatigue-Fighting Eye Cream and Daily Essential De-Puffing Eye Cream.

Diminish Dark Circles

Soak cotton balls in witch hazel.

Apply cotton balls to eyes.

Lay down with head elevated and cotton balls on eyes for 10 minutes.

Remove cotton balls.

Cut two thin slices of potato.

Place slices of potato over eyes.

Lie down with head elevated and slices on eyes for 10 minutes.

Apply an under-eye cream designed to brighten area and reduce dark circles. Examples of these products include Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-on, Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Defining Eye Brightening Cream, Benefit Ooh la Lift Eye Brightener, Booster, De-puffer and Belli Motherhood Eye Brightening Cream.


- If your puffy eyes are a result of allergies, taking an antihistamine will help eliminate tired-eye symptoms.

- Rubbing your eyes will only intensify tired-eye symptoms. If you feel the need to rub or itch your eyes, place a cold compress or cool, wet washcloth over the eyes instead.