Thursday, 9 May 2013

How to Make Up Eye Stencils

Have the perfectly made-up eye by making ordinary make-up applications look extraordinary. Free-handing perfect eye makeup takes a practiced hand. Eye stencils allows eye makeup to be applied artistically with little talent needed. For model-perfect eyes, create eye stencils out of low-cost items and enjoy a high-dollar appearance. Does this Spark an idea?

Lay the sketch paper on the life-size photo of the face. Trace the shape of the eyes on the sketch paper. Cut the traced area out using the craft knife.

Lay the sketch paper on the heavier watercolor paper and trace the eye shapes on the watercolor paper. Sketch the desired design on and around the eye shapes. Cut out the sketched designs using the craft knife. Trim the excess paper from around the newly created eye stencils.

Lay the stencil against the face with the traced eye area over the actual eye. Use an eye pencil to trace the design on the eye. Fill in the design with eye shadows and pencils. Experiment with colors to create different looks.