Saturday, 18 May 2013

How to Lace Up Double-Tongued Converses

Converse’s Chuck Taylor line of sneakers has once again become a popular choice among teens looking to express themselves through the Taylor’s many color combinations. Double tongued Chuck Taylors feature material in two different colors, with each having its own set of eye loops and tongue. One color makes up the top tongue and inner set of eye loops, while the other color is the inner tongue and outer row of eye loops. With two separate sets of eye loops, there are multiple ways to lace your shoes. Does this Spark an idea?

Lace only the inner set of eye loops for a standard look to your shoes. The inner set of eye loops is situated where the eye loops on a single tongue pair of Chuck Taylors are, and when laced alone, will make your shoes appear like a normal pair of two-tone sneakers.

Lace only the outer set of eye loops for a wider look to your lacing. The second set of loops is set wider than laces on most shoes, and, as a result, your laces will cover not just the top of the shoe but also down the sides of the shoe. This lacing may also be looser than an inner lacing.

Lace both sets of eye loops completely to get the most from your double tongue shoes. Try using a different color lace for each set of eye loops. With two different colors, the distinction between the two sets of laces will be distinct.

Use a short lace for lacing the outer lace, and a full-length lace for the inner laces, to combine the double-laced look with tight lacing. The shorter outer lace will allow the shoes to have the double laced look of a fully strung pair of double tongues but will stop below the knot of the shoe, preventing the outer knot from covering the inner knot. You will end up with a pair of knots, with the inner laces knotted above the outer laces.

Mix up the style of your lacing to alter the look further. While standard alternate side lacing can look attractive in its own right, adding one set of laces in a style such as bar lacing, where each lace travels straight across the tongues, instead of diagonally across the tongues, can give your Chuck Taylor double tongues a unique style.