Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How to Make Your Shoelaces Look Straight

Maybe you want to lace your shoes a different way to add personalization to your footwear, or maybe you suffer from foot problems and want to reduce the pressure that footwear can cause. Whatever the reason is, it's easy to make your shoelaces look straight. Instead of inserting your shoe laces into the eyelets in the traditional zigzag pattern, you just run one across from one eyelet to the next. Does this Spark an idea?

Remove any existing laces that are in the footwear. Reuse the strings or use new ones. As long as they are the proper size for the shoes or boots, they'll work fine.

Start with one shoe or boot. Insert the ends of the shoelaces into the last eyelets in the footwear. Place one end into the left side, and the other end into the right side. The shoelace will be straight across. Adjust the string so it's equal on both sides.

Reach into the shoe or boot and grab the left end of the shoelace. Pull it up inside the footwear. Bring it up and through the first eyelet so it emerges from inside out, according to Ian's Shoelace Site.

Grab the right end of the shoelace from inside the footwear. Insert the end into the eyelet directly above it from the inside. Pull the string out. Then, place it into the eyelet on the left, across from it.

Pull the shoestring down on the inside again. Place the end into the next eyelet on the shoe or boot that's directly above. Continue putting the shoelace in according to steps 3, 4 and 5. Adjust the string every now and then so it's equal on both sides.

Pull the shoelace out of the top eyelet on the right side of the foot wear to complete the task. Adjust the strings one more time, if need be. Now your shoe laces look straight and will be more comfortable on your feet.


- Straight (bar) lacing works best on shoes or boots that have an even number of eyelet pairs.