Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tricks to Make Your Nose Look Smaller

A large nose can be a source of insecurity for both men and women, but can be temporarily solved by using tricks used by makeup artists around the world. These tips are an alternative to expensive cosmetic surgery and cost very little to implement in comparison. There are several ways to fix the different types of large noses. Does this Spark an idea?

Wide Nose

For a wide nose use a shade of foundation that is darker than your natural skin tone and blend it at the sides of the nose. The lines should be well blended and begin at the eyebrows, ending at the tip, according to Nose Cosmetic. Some makeup artists suggest using a bright highlighter along the bridge of the nose for extra definition.

Long Nose

If you are self conscious about your nose being too long, you can create the illusion of a shorter nose by taking a creamy foundation or concealer in a darker shade and applying it to the tip of the nose. Use your fingers or a sponge applicator to apply the foundation.

Crooked Nose

To improve the appearance of a crooked nose, apply a darker foundation on the crooked side and a lighter shade on the opposite side. Bella Sugar says to keep the lines as straight as possible. A light highlighter applied along the length of the nose will disguise bumps and crookedness.