Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How to Do an Optical Alignment

The simple act of taking your glasses off and putting them back on causes your frames to come out of alignment. Loose glasses are common and frames eventually sit crooked when you consistently take your frames off with just one hand. While it is best to have an optician or eye care professional adjust your eyeglasses, it is possible to do an optical alignment on your frames at home. You can make several types of adjustments that help your frames fit better.

Straighten the Frame

Put on your glasses and look at yourself in the mirror. Check to see if your glasses are sitting level. Your eye should be centered in each lens and the top of the frame should make a straight line that is parallel and even with your eyes.

Remove the frames from your face to align a crooked frame. Adjust the temple, the part of the frame that rests on your ear. If the left lens is too high, grasp the front of the frame with your left hand and with the front of your frame facing left, take hold of the left temple. With your right hand, very slightly bend the left temple up toward the ceiling. This must be done very carefully so as not to break the hinge of the frame.

Move the right temple up if you right lens is higher than your left. After adjusting, place the frames back on and look at yourself in the mirror again. Repeat the temple movement as needed until your frame is sitting straight on your face.

Tighten the Screws

Wrap a small towel around your lenses to protect from damage. Use a small screwdriver, such as a jeweler's screwdriver, to tighten the temple screws.

Place the edge of the frame on a table or counter while you tighten the screws to keep the frames steady.

Open and close the temples a few times to make sure the screws are tight.

Adjust the Nose Pads

Move the nosepads if your frames have adjustable nose pads on the bridge. Put your frame on and look in the mirror.

Remove your frames from your face and angle each nosepad so the pad rests evenly on your nose.

Cover your lenses with a small towel if you use pliers to move the nose pads. The pads are attached to the front of the frame with a small metal arm. Grip the arm with the end of the pliers and move the arm until the pad is at the angle you need for the pad to rest comfortably on your nose.


- Temples and nose pads can break easily. Move and bend them with extreme caution and in small, gentle movements to avoid damage.