Thursday, 18 April 2013

Does Painting a Ceiling Make Your Room Look Bigger or Smaller?

It's important to remember that a ceiling is essentially one-fifth of any room. The ceiling provides great space to enhance a room; however, it's important to recognize how paint colors will affect the room. Certain colors reflect light, making the space seem bigger. Other color choices will make the room artistic, cozy and snug. Depending on how you will use the room, select a paint options to provide the right outcome. Does this Spark an idea?

White Works on 8-Foot Ceilings

A standard room will look bigger with a stark white ceiling. If your ceiling is 8 feet tall, this is standard height. If you paint the ceiling a medium or dark color, the ceiling will seem shorter -- which you do not want. A small room, such as a half bath, might look great with tan walls; however, paint the ceiling white to make the room seem as large as possible. White reflects light in a small space.

Alternate Colors Fit Taller Ceilings

Painting a ceiling a bright or alternate color works in some cases. If your child's bedroom is 9 feet tall, for example, it's perfectly okay to paint the ceiling sky blue. Make sure the walls reflect plenty of light, so paint them white to balance the blue if the room is average size. You can install a wall of mirror tiles, too, to expand the space. With a high ceiling, painting it an alternate color can make the room cozy -- without looking smaller.

Opulence Requires Artistry

Elegant ceiling paint color might be the best choice. This might include pale yellow or a faux painting technique to create a gold marbleized look, for example. An opulent chandelier hanging from a 12-foot ceiling becomes a focal point if the ceiling has an artistic look. Plain white will make the ceiling simply disappear in this case. By using a cream, pale yellow or paint color with some gold added, the ceiling looks more regal, but does not make the room or entry look smaller.

Lovely Colors Offer Accent

A painted ceiling with some color is needed in a super-bright room with high ceilings. If your home has a room with a 10-foot ceiling and a wall of windows, a neutral paint might work well on the ceiling space. A pale taupe or light green works well to bring the ceiling down. All-white walls with a white ceiling will give the room a cold feeling. Envision a white room with walls of windows and white plantation blinds. By adding a mint-green ceiling paint, you make the room more inviting. Use this same green color in rugs and throw pillows to tie the room together.

Commercial Spaces are Unique

Painting a common area ceiling white works in commercial settings. If you paint a huge hotel lobby white, including all walls and ceilings, you will make the whole space look bigger. This is a real plus, due to the fact that guests like ample room in a hotel. White paint on all entrance ceilings and downstairs rooms will make them seem bigger. This gives the feeling that hotel room upstairs are large, not skimpy. The lobby provides that important "first impression."