Friday, 19 April 2013

Clothes to Minimize Hips

It would be nice to have a body with no flaws, but the truth is, flaws exist. Some trouble areas on women include the tummy, the rear end and the hips. For those women looking to minimize the hip area, consider a few clothing options that take the focus off the hips and accentuate other areas of your body.

Prints and Colors

Avoid light colors or prints on your lower half. The lighter color will make your hips look fuller and prints, such as a floral print or an animal print, will draw attention to the exact area you're looking to minimize. Stay away from shiny, lighter materials, such as silk or satin. Pleats in dresses, skirts and pants are a big no-no. Pleats tend to add more curves to your already curvaceous lower body and tend to draw the eye downward to that area. Wear darker solid colors on your bottom half to slim the hip area.


Give away those high-waisted "mom" jeans. The higher waist only draws attention to those troubled areas, such as the stomach and the hips. For women with a pear shape, which is a small top and a larger bottom, your best bet is to purchase low-cut jeans in a darker wash. Stay away from jeans with a tapered or straight leg. A boot-cut fit has a slight flare at the bottom and draws the focus away from your hips. Jean back pockets should be larger. Smaller pockets make your lower half look bigger.


Bright-colored tops draw the eye where you want it -- up top. You've got sculpted arms, so show them off in a halter top. This keeps all the attention in the neck and chest area. This also works for the plunging neckline. Tops in bolder patterns, such as animal print, keep the eye upward. Add a chunky necklace to keep the focus on your upper body. Never choose jackets that cut off at the hip area. A shorter, cropped jacket is more figure flattering for those with larger hips.


Like jeans, pants should flare at the bottom. Pants with a tapered leg make your bottom half appear bigger. Side pockets tend to flare out and make the hips look wider. Some brands make control top pants with either Lycra or a power-mesh capri liner to control the tummy, rear and thigh areas. Creases down the middle of the pant will slim your leg. Pant colors such as red and green will draw the attention to your lower half so keep the pants in a darker color, such as black or navy blue. Save the bold colors for the top.