Wednesday, 17 April 2013

How to Make a Waistband Bigger

Stress, holidays, pregnancy and lack of exercise all lead to an expanded waistline. It can be expensive to purchase new clothes for a temporary condition, especially if you only need a little breathing room. For pregnant women, expanding the waistline of snug pants will save you money on maternity clothes while waiting for your baby bump to become a full-fledged pregnancy belly. Most waistbands don't come with a seam you can let out. However, with a little crafty magic you can make your waistband bigger. Does this Spark an idea?

Buttonhole Elastic

Purchase buttonhole elastic. This crafty material has buttonholes every inch, allowing you to expand the waistband to an unlimited size so long as the rest of your pants fit.

Cut a piece of elastic with at least four button holes. This will allow you to expand your waistband up to 3 inches. If you think you will need more later, cut more.

Sew a button on the inside of your waistband. Make sure the button is only slightly larger than the buttonhole on the elastic so that the button will be secure. This step is optional if the pants have an existing button that will fit into the elastic buttonhole.

Sew 1 inch of elastic to the inside of the waistband, opposite the button. Sew a seam at the end of the elastic and the outer edge of the waistband to prevent the elastic from pulling away from the waistband fabric.

Quick Fix

Thread one end of a rubber band or hair band through the buttonhole of your pants so you are holding a loop on either side of the waistband.

Insert the loop on the inside of the waistband through the loop on the outside and pull tight.

Loop the hair band over the button on your pants to secure.


- Look at the placement of the button on your pants. If you only need to let out the waistband an inch or less, you may be able to move the existing button over or add an additional button at the edge of the waistband.

- For pregnant women who are not inclined to sewing, use an elastic headband instead of a ponytail holder for even more room.