Thursday, 18 April 2013

How to Make a Bedroom Look French

French bedrooms have a soft, natural feel that incorporates many Old World decor elements. Natural materials like wood, cotton and iron are used to create this look. Soft lighting and a simple room complete it. Use elements from French design to create a room that is both modern and classic. French rooms have a soft romantic appeal, which is perfect for bedrooms. Does this Spark an idea?

Paint the walls a soft, muted color, such as off-white, pale pink or blue. Use a whitewashed painting technique to give the room a French country appearance.

Install flooring that looks like traditional hardwood or terracotta. Use laminate flooring if hardwood is too expensive. Add throw rugs made from natural fibers, if desired.

Select furniture made of natural material like iron or wood. Paint wood so it appears whitewashed or limewashed. As with the walls, use soft colors like off-white and blue. Do not overclutter the room. Add a bed, armoire and chair.

Dress the windows in soft sheers that reach the floor and even pool on the floor. Use wrought iron window hardware.

Install a chandelier and wall sconces for lighting. Choose Old World-style lighting such as those made from wrought iron. Lighting that mimics candles is ideal.

Make the bed up with high-quality linens with lace accents. Stay with the theme of soft, muted colors. Blankets and quilts are more traditional that modern duvets.