Saturday, 13 April 2013

Tricks to Making a Small Window Look Bigger

Small windows can make a room feel closed off and dark. If one of your windows is smaller than the others, your room can appear off-balance. But replacing your small window may not be in your budget, or even possible, if you're renting. You can still make the most of your windows. Decorating tricks can make your small window look bigger. Does this Spark an idea?


Items the same color blend together. If you paint your window frame the same color as your walls and hang a shade or blinds that are also the same color, your small window becomes less noticeable and can appear larger than it is. Your eye will extend the window into the same-colored walls.


If you have a narrow window you want to appear wider, use a window treatment with horizontal stripes. Choose a simple shade or blinds and extend the window covering past the trim on either side of the window. The stripes will make the window look wider.


If the problem is a window that starts too low on the wall, make your window look taller by building a valance. Make a wooden valance that starts at the point you wish the window began — perhaps the same height as other windows in the room. Extend the valance down past the real point where the window begins. Your valance can be as deep as 12 to 18 inches. This is a good way to make all the windows in the room appear to be the same height.


Use drapery panels to both widen and lengthen the appearance of your window. Extend the drapery rod past the sides of the window frame and hang wide drapery panels. Use floor-to-ceiling drapes on all windows in the room, regardless of size, to make them all appear to be the same size.