Sunday, 28 April 2013

Tricks to Make the Nose Look Thinner

When you have a large nose, there's no way to hide it--not like big ears or a few extra pounds in your middle. The trick is to simply have people focus on another part of your anatomy. A big nose can be an embarrassment, and if you let it, it can hinder otherwise successful relationships. If you are bothered by an oversize nose, there are several things you can do. Does this Spark an idea?


This is cosmetic surgery on your nose. You'll be under an anesthetic while the surgeon pulls back the skin of your nose and chisels down the cartilage to make your nose smaller. Then he replaces the skin on your new nose. Limited only by the amount of cartilage, the surgeon can make your nose any shape you like. If you have rhinoplasty, plan to stay home for a few days while the swelling subsides and your new nose heals.

Maximize to Minimize

Make your face as large as possible so all of your facial features are spread out as much as possible, making them seem smaller, including your nose. To do this, simply wear your hair so it doesn't touch your face. Furthermore, have your hair done in a way that's different from before because people will begin focusing on your hair and not your nose. If you are a male, try growing a mustache because that can have the same effect.


Apply an eyeshadow that's much darker than your skin to the curves and edges of your nose to make it appear less fat. Another trick used by make-up artists is to make your nose less shiny, thus calling attention to other facial features that, to you, are more appealing. Another way is to devote more attention to your cheeks and eyes, which if done properly, will put your nose more into the background.


If these options are too costly or are not for you, try rubbing your nose at least an hour per day to reduce the amount of cartilage. Many have faith in this method because it works for them, but there is no basis in science for doing it. Besides, rubbing your nose for an hour each day takes discipline, which is in short supply for many people.