Saturday, 13 April 2013

How to Make Split-Level Houses Look Bigger

Split-level home designs are often used when building on an incline such as on the side of a hill. Small flights of stairs separate the levels from each other, and the outside of the house might look smaller than the house actually is because of the incline the house sits on. If you think your split-level house looks smaller than you would like from the outside, adjust the coloring and the landscaping to improve the perception. Does this Spark an idea?

Paint the house a lighter, brighter color. Darker colors absorb light and make objects look smaller while lighter colors reflect light and make rooms and objects appear larger. Plus, the brighter color makes the house stand out more from the surrounding landscaping, which gives the home a larger appearance.

Remove landscaping from around the house that obscures the view of the home from a distance. The more the house is hidden, the smaller the house appears from further away. This is especially prevalent with many split-level homes where part of the house is obscured from many angles because of the home being built down a hill. Likewise, adding small bushes or shrubs around the house give your home a larger appearance from further away because of the size difference between the two.

Add exterior lighting to the home to improve its visibility at night. Shadows and darkness minimize the appearance of your split-level home; extra lighting combats that effect and makes your home look larger.


- If you're designing a split-level home, choose a longer home design instead of a square one, plan the second floor nine to 10 feet above ground level and utilize wider overhangs to enhance the appearance of the home and make it look bigger.