Sunday, 21 April 2013

Tricks to Making Your Diamond Look Bigger

Not everyone can afford to buy large diamonds. Yet many women like the way a big diamond looks. If your budget limits you to only being able to afford something on the smaller size, keep some tricks in mind about ways to make your diamond look bigger without breaking the bank. Does this Spark an idea?

Band Width

A ring band impacts how large or small your diamond appears. If you are in the market for a diamond engagement ring, compare a wider band with a thinner band. The thin band makes your diamond stand out and look bigger because the metal of the band does not compete with the center stone as much. Additionally, a mounting that is higher set in the ring's band will give the illusion that your diamond is larger because it will protrude more in height.


To make your diamond look larger, be careful about placing other diamonds next to it. With diamond rings, a three-stone setting might actually take away from the size of your main diamond if the two diamonds next to it are similar in size. To give your diamond a larger appearance, go with a solitaire mounting, or keep your three-stone style limited to two tiny stones on the sides so that your center stone really stands out. Another setting option to make your diamond look larger is to go with a bezel setting. A bezel setting is a full enclosure around the diamond with the same metal in the band. This serves as your diamond's frame, and can enhance the size by adding on the metal enclosure. A halo setting, which is a ring of small diamonds that are set around your main round diamond, is another option for making your diamond look larger because it expands the overall appearance of the diamond with sparkle and fire.


The shape of your diamond plays a part in how large it looks. If you want the diamond to look longer on your finger, select a marquis or pear-shaped diamond, or an oval cut. If you are more interested in the diamond looking larger in width, go with a round or princess-cut diamond.

Ring Enhancers

Ring enhancers are available to make diamonds look larger. A ring enhancer is a ring that you wear around your engagement ring that creates an enclosure around the main diamond. This creates an effect of the diamond having more substance.