Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How to Use a Nose Huggie

The Nose Huggie is a product that was developed to be a safer and cheaper alternative to rhinoplasty surgery. According to the official Nose Huggie website, regular use the device is supposed to make your nose appear noticeably slimmer in two to four weeks (See Reference 1). It claims to be able to do this by putting pressure on the cartilage in the nose and squeezing it into a smaller shape. As of April 2011, the Nose Huggie is available online through the Nose Huggie website and costs $15.95 plus shipping. Does this Spark an idea?

Open the hinge of the Nose Huggie by squeezing the two handles.

Place the Nose Huggie on your nose. Make sure the device is pinching the lower bridge area of your nose, where the bone ends and the soft cartilage begins.

Leave the device on your nose for 15 minutes.

Repeat this process every day for approximately two to four weeks, or until you achieve desired results.


- Ensure that the Nose Huggie is not placed too low on your nose so as to squeeze your nostrils. This can cause you to have difficulty breathing.