Friday, 12 April 2013

How to Apply Mascara to Make Eyes Look Big

You can apply mascara in a number of different ways to actually change the appearance of your natural features. Apply mascara to make your eyes look big with help from a makeup artist and industry expert in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Christina Farrell of, and today's trick is how to use mascara to make your eyes look bigger. The first trick is you don't use just one mascara. And that way you are are going to really get the benefit of both formulas. Another trick is when you are applying mascara you want to pull your eye as taut as possible. That's really going to give you the firm hold that you need to apply the mascara. So the first trick is to start with your lengthening mascara. You want to get a firm grip on your eyes so that they're very taut. And lift up a little bit. Start at the base and wiggle upwards. What this does is to create a really nice deep base at your lashes. As you can see they are already very dark and deep. The next trick is to go with your thickening mascara. And this is where you really kind of get that false lash look that everyone is wanting right now. Once again you are going to do the eye really tightly, lifting up, holding it firmly and squiggling up. As you can see the eyes are really deep. The color is rich and you have the length and the thickness . So remember find your favorite brand of mascara and get one in lengthening and thickening formula. And then you will have the best eyelashes around. This is Christina Farrell with The Makeup Blogger giving you the tip of how to use mascara that will help you make your eyes look bigger.