Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How to Make Your Bedroom Seem Bigger

A small bedroom can make you feel cramped instead of cozy if you don't set it up correctly. There are steps you can take that will allow you to expand the size of your bedroom, at least from a visual standpoint. These techniques bring airiness to the space and assist you in using your bedroom to your best advantage. They combine some fool-the-eye techniques, along with some common sense approaches to furniture arrangement. The result is a bedroom that seems bigger than it actually is. Does this Spark an idea?

Paint your bedroom a light color. Dark colors suck the light out of the room and make the walls visually contract, thus emphasizing the small space. Go with a light color such as pale yellow, off-white or light green to give your room a more expansive look.

Give the room a focal point. Usually this is the bed. It gives the eye something to concentrate on and draws focus away from the fact that the room is small. Paint the wall behind your headboard a different color than the rest of the walls in the room.

Light up the room by hanging mirrors on the walls and putting them in the dark corners of the room. Mirrors add light to a space by reflecting the light that already exists there. Create a gallery of mirrors above your bed's headboard to create a focal point. Decorate the area around the mirrors with candle sconces to bring a soft light to your bedroom.

Keep the windows unobstructed. Instead of choosing a thick, heavy curtain, opt for either a flowing, gauzy curtain or add some light colored shutters to the windows and top the window with a decorative swag or valance.

Choose a captain's bed instead of bed and dresser. The captain's bed comes with dresser drawers built into the bottom of it. They also come in a variety of decorative styles, making it possible to find the bed that not only helps you save space, but also looks good in your bedroom as well.

Look for ottomans with storage compartments or a trunk instead of a foot bench for the end of your bed. You'll still be able to sit down to dress, but these pieces will also give you some extra storage space for items such as extra blankets, pillows or sweaters.

Avoid bringing in extra furniture. Try to keep pieces like an extra chair or table out of the room. These make the space look cramped. Save your floor space instead for items you can use each night, such as bedside tables.

Use the closet. If you do decide to have a dresser, put it in the closet. Organize the shelves with racks. Keep items such as socks and underclothing in baskets on the closet shelves.