Thursday, 25 April 2013

Kids Boots That Look Like Uggs

Ugg boots have become a trendy footwear choice for the smart set, who enjoy their warmth and comfort, and the popularity of Uggs has even extended to children. Since Uggs are not inexpensive, parents can breathe easy knowing there are several off-name brands that offer a similar look and feel at a much more affordable price point.

Girl's Lace-Up Shearling Boots by Lands' End

Lands' End offers an attractive, comfortable lace-up boot lined with real shearling, sure to keep a kid's feet warm and cozy. The outside of the boots are waterproof, ensuring that little feet will remain dry in the rain. Featuring genuine suede uppers and shearling trim, these lace-up boots offer a more sculpted look than brand-name Uggs and are available in three colors: pale pink, chocolate brown and dark sandstone.

Girls' Roc-a-bouts Comfy

If the warmth and water-resistance offered by Lands' End isn't as important as the Ugg look, Roc-a-bouts offers a girls' boot that is nearly identical in appearance to an Ugg product at a far more reasonable price, but don't expect genuine shearling. Made of suede with faux fur lining inside, these practical, affordable boots also boast a flexible rubber outersole and are available in black, brown, pink and tan.

Bearpaw Boots for Kids

Bear Paw offers a selection of children's boots that mimic the Ugg style, complete with suede upper and shearling lining. Bear Paw's Emma 8-inch Shearling Boot features rubber soles with extra-thick treads in order to provide solid traction on ice and snow, while the Abigail 8-inch Shearling Boot has slightly thinner soles. Both models come in a variety of colors, including gray, hickory/champagne and lilac and are designed to keep feet warm and snuggly, even on the coldest day.

Wet Seal Studded Fleece Boot

Off-brand Ugg-style boots don't come more affordable than Wet Seal's Studded Fleece Boot. Priced at well under $20, these stylish girls' boots are available in black, brown and camel colors and they're surprisingly well-constructed considering the price. The studded ankle straps add a touch of rock 'n' roll style that will keep your little one feeling warm on the inside and cool on the outside.