Sunday, 21 April 2013

How to Make Your Nose Look Straight

Create the illusion of a straight nose with the help of uncomplicated makeup tricks. Whether your nose has a prominent bend or a center bump, you can trick the eye using basic cosmetics and strategic application. Play with the makeup application prior to unveiling your "straight" nose in public to ensure that everything looks flawless. Does this Spark an idea?

Use a two-tone application of foundation around the nose area to give the illusion of a straight nose. Purchase two shades of foundation -- one that is a slightly darker than your natural color, and one that is slightly lighter. According to Bella Sugar, a website for women, the darker foundation should be applied to the side of your nose, within the shadow area of the prominent bend. Use your index finger as a guide to find the shadow area; place it vertically against your nose, with the tip of the finger even with the corner of your eye on the side with the bend. Apply the darker foundation to that area and blend into your skin.

Move to the other side of the nose, and apply a lighter shade of foundation using the same technique. Blend both shades to create a natural look.

Highlight a slightly crooked nose with a cream highlighter in a complimentary shade. Highlighters typically come in light, medium and dark to accommodate all skin tones. The cream should be applied to the bridge of your nose and blended. Light will reflect the highlighter giving the illusion of a straight nose.

Draw attention away from the nose and center of the face by wearing a light-colored lip gloss instead of a bold color. You can also create a smoky eye and draw the attention upward from your nose. Smoky eyes are created with darker eye shadows and black eyeliner.

Part your bangs to keep the attention away from a crooked nose. Draw your bangs to the opposite side of the direction of the bend in the nose. The balance created by hair and face will create an illusion of a perfect nose.


- Avoid applying a heavy application of makeup to the nose because this will only draw attention to the area.