Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to Make Your Nose Shrink

Since your nose sits in the center of your face, it defines your face. Anything you do to change your nose affects your whole appearance. If you feel your nose is too large or too wide for your face, you may be tempted to get surgery, called rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty can shorten or narrow your nose by readjusting the cartilage and bone under your nose skin, but takes about one year before showing results. You can create the smaller nose you desire, though, without the expense and risks of surgery in the comfort of your home. Does this Spark an idea?

Wear light, wire-framed eyeglasses. Wire-framed glasses make your long nose appear shorter.

Wear larger earrings if you want to make your nose appear smaller. The earrings will draw attention away from your nose.

Choose a hairstyle with curls and waves or cut into layers. These techniques create softer hairdos, taking the focus from your nose. Style your hair so it moves away from your face, such as having it sit high on your head. Avoid styles with bangs. These styling techniques work for both males and females.

Keep your eyebrows thick when plucking them. Thicker eyebrows make a wide or thick nose appear smaller.

Apply foundation on your nose that's darker than what you use on your face to shorten a long nose and blend well. Use bronzing powder on the tip to get the same results.

Apply a lighter foundation than what you wear on your face or a lighter powder in a vertical stripe down the center of your nose if you have a wide nose. Blend the foundation or powder well, so you do not have a visible stripe mark. This technique gives the illusion of a slim nose.

Apply foundation to your entire face as usual, including your nose. Slim your nose by dotting a brown or taupe pencil, powder or a darker foundation down the sides of your nose. Start applying from the eyebrows all the way down the sides of your nose to the end of the tip of your nose. Keep the darker line thin, not larger than the width of your pinkie fingertip; otherwise, it will look like you have dirt on your nose. Use a makeup sponge to blend the bottom part of the dark line well, so you do not have a noticeable edge, then apply a lighter foundation down the center of your nose and blend.