Wednesday, 17 April 2013

5 Great Techniques to Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

A bedroom, when cluttered with too much furniture and accessories, makes a space seem less comfortable and inviting after a long day away at work. Using a few techniques to make a bedroom look larger than it is allows the work weary individual to feel relaxed rather than oppressed in a limited space. Declutter you bedroom and incorporate some layout tricks to make your space look bigger. Does this Spark an idea?

Use Small Furniture

Oversize furniture not only decreases the amount of space in your bedroom, it also makes the room look disproportionate. Go with a smaller scaled furniture to make navigation easier and to accommodate all the necessary pieces you need for your bedroom. Instead of having a dresser or wardrobe closet in the room, consider outfitting your closet with storage to fit more clothing. Even going down one size in your mattress, from a king to a queen for example, can free up space for much needed end tables or to provide easier access to the bed.

Limit the Accessories

Too many accessories makes a room look busy and unorganized. Get rid of the clutter to free up space and to make a bedroom look cleaner. A few well placed accessories can have a stronger impact on a room than one that is overloaded with knickknacks. Replace over sized lamps or giant pillows as large accessories might overwhelm the room and take away from a spacious feel. Instead of using a thick or puffy comforter, use a thinner quilt. Use a couple of smaller accent pillows that matches your decor instead of a larger quantity of pillows that can overwhelm your room/

Let in Light

Dark spaces make bedrooms look brooding and small. Encourage the feeling of space by letting in natural. Avoid using heavy draperies; opt for simple sheers or a transparent valance. If you need darkness in your room when you sleep, consider investing in some blinds that block out unwanted light. Use multiple sources of indirect lighting to give a bedroom a well lit glow. Opt for halogen light-bulbs as opposed to fluorescent lighting as these mimic the hue of natural light and create soft shadows.

Paint the Walls

You don't need to keep walls stark white to make a bedroom feel spacious. Warmer hues like ivory, light taupe, pale yellow or a pastel blue lends a hint of color without closing in the bedroom. If you are set on a bold color, consider painting a single wall as a signature statement. Keep the rest of the bedroom furniture light, both in style and in color, to avoid dominating the room. Or paint the walls with a pale color and use bedding and accessories to bring out the bold color you love.

Go Modern

Sleek and molded furniture demonstrates efficiency and simplicity. Make your bedroom instantly bigger by updating your furniture with a more contemporary design. A bed frame without a head or foot board creates more space than a traditional framed design. Glass tables or shelving makes things look more open than heavy, opaque pieces. Chairs and tables with a simple design provides functionality, but does not add to bulk.