Monday, 15 April 2013

How to Make a Room Look Bigger by Painting the Ceiling

It is likely that you will fall in love with certain characteristics of a house: the location, the finishes or even just the feeling it gives you to walk through the door. Most of the time, however, even the home that is perfect for you may have imperfections. You may notice that rooms which seemed so spacious while they were empty are small once they have been filled with furniture. If you do not want to jump into a major home renovation to enlarge your rooms, you can paint the ceilings and walls to make them just feel bigger. Does this Spark an idea?

Paint the ceiling a cool color, such as blue or violet. Cool colors make things look farther away. The ceiling will seem higher, making the whole room look larger.

Choose one neutral color for the entire room. Paint the walls one shade of the color, and the ceiling a lighter shade of the same color. This consistency keeps yours eyes moving without interruption, and your brain will interpret the room as being larger.

Apply a rich, saturated jewel-toned paint to the walls. Paint the trim around the top of the room and the ceiling a clean white. The room will feel as if it goes on vertically right through the ceiling.