Sunday, 28 April 2013

How to Make Your Nose Look Narrower

According to the Real Self website, more than 255,000 people -- and more women than men -- underwent rhinoplasty in the United States in 2009. If you are unhappy with the way your nose looks, there may not be a need to spend time and money on surgery. There are things you can do in the privacy of your home to make your nose appear narrower. Does this Spark an idea?

Apply foundation that is one shade darker than your skin to the sides of your nose. Start the lines of foundation near the eyebrows and contour them down the sides of your nose. In a lighter shade of foundation, apply a straight line down the front of the nose to give the appearance of a thin nose. Use a brush to blend the shades.

Avoid slicking your hair off your face. This will only draw attention to your nose. Part your hair and create a nice, full hairstyle.

Play up your eyes or lips to distract attention from your nose. Use eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow to emphasize your eyes or a flattering lipstick or lip gloss color on your lips.

Change the shape of your nose by wearing a nose-cartilage enhancer. The Nose Huggie, for instance, is an affordable alternative to nose surgery. The Nose Huggie works by remolding the nose cartilage. According to the Nose Huggie website, you can reshape your nose over time by wearing the enhancer 15 minutes per day.