Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Eye Make-Up Tips

Whether you want to enhance your beautiful brown eyes or make your bright blue eyes pop, eye makeup is key to drawing out your personal beauty. Every eye color and shape can shine with the proper makeup application and knowledge. Professional tips make alluring eyes attainable, and everyday makeup a cinch. Does this Spark an idea?

Invest in the Right Tools

A painter must have a set of proper paintbrushes to create beautiful works of art. Makeup artists rely on an arsenal of brushes to achieve a rainbow of looks. Brushes make application more precise, and blending more seamless. For most, as few as two makeup brushes are needed: a small, dense brush for applying your darker accent colors, and a bigger, fluffy brush for blending the colors. There are dozens of brush shapes and sizes, but these two are key to just about every makeup look.

Apply Primer

Before applying color to your eyes, always start with a primer. Most major cosmetics brands offer their own eye shadow primer. The purpose of this creamy product is, first, to provide a sticky surface for the shadow to adhere. Second, primers make your eye shadow last longer and stay truer to color. If you'd rather not invest in another cosmetic product, you can use cream liners or shadows to do the job of priming lids. Simply swipe a neutral-colored cream product over your lid to achieve the same results. Also, if you want to enhance bright colors, try using a white liner, cream shadow, or primer. For dramatically dark eye looks, choose a black or gunmetal gray primer.

Line Your Eyes

Eyeliner frames the eyes and provides contrast for eyes to pop and sparkle. According to professional makeup artist Carmindy, a good technique is to "add dark liner to the upper lash line of the eyes. You can use a pencil, shadow, or liquid depending your desired effect. The closer to the lash line, the more natural the effect." As for the lower lash line, a great tip for making eyes look refreshed and bright is to line the water line with white or flesh-toned eye liner. Your lower water line can be revealed by pressing gently into your under-eye. Simply line the area just inside the lower lash line for a fresh look.

Highlight the Brow Bone

The finishing touch for every makeup look is the highlight. Professional makeup artist Carmindy shares these valuable tips: "Always apply a highlight shade under the eyebrow and in the tear duct area. This creates an open, bright-eyed look. Younger women can choose shadows or creams with shimmer; older women should stick with sheer, matte colors like vanilla. Highlight shades include: light pink, white, vanilla, gold, iridescent, and champagne."