Sunday, 5 May 2013

How to Make Your Eye Crease Look Higher

Manipulate the location of your eye crease, or at least the appearance of it, with makeup. Regardless of your eye shape or color, you can get a wider eye look with the proper makeup application rather than expensive surgery. Learn how to raise your eye crease with professional makeup brushes and some practice. Does this Spark an idea?

Shape and pluck the eyebrow, creating a slight arch at the center of the eye. This makes the eye look wider.

Apply a firming eye cream to the clean, moisturized skin around the eye. Dab the eye cream on the inner left corner of the eye, above the eyebrow, down the outer side of the eye and just underneath it. Rub the eye cream into the skin. This will make the skin taut and give it a temporary lift.

Rub eye primer on the eyelid. This will hold the eye makeup in place when you apply the eyeshadow.

Brush the eyebrows upward and outward with an eyebrow brush.

Apply the midtone eyeshadow to the bottom eyelid using a clean sponge applicator.

Feel the brow bone with your index finger. It will be helpful knowing where the bone is when you apply the accent or dark, eye crease shadow.

Dab the accent powder on to tip of the eye shadow brush. Pull your eye skin up gently.

Use your right hand to brush the accent color into the upper side of the crease. This will put the powder slightly above the natural eye crease.

Select an eyebrow brush with a long soft tip. Rub the tip across the lightest colored eyeshadow. Stroke on the lightest eyeshadow underneath the brow bone to the top of the accent color. Swirl and blend the colors together slightly using the highlighter brush.


- Avoid using frosted accent eyeshadows with this look. Matte eyeshadows are better for creating depth.