Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How to Adjust Andis Trimmers

The Andis outliner uses includ outlining hair and clipping edges. Adjust clippers when they become dull and do not cut well. You can adjust clippers to any hair length and can adjust them to be very sharp. Too much adjustment can cause the outliner to become too sharp and can cut people. Adjustments are done precisely to prevent injuries and ensure the best quality. Does this Spark an idea?

Loosen the two screws with the Philips screwdriver located on the back of the blade. Two screws hold the blades together. Do not loosen the screws all the way or take them out.

Line the blades equally on top on each other but do not overlap the blades. This will allow for the sharpest cut.

Tighten the screws and look at the blade from a sideways angle to make sure none of the blades is overlapping.

Hold the blade up to the trimmers with a little pressure. Screw the blade back to the outliner.