Saturday, 18 May 2013

Tricks to Make Your Eyelashes Bigger

The eyes provide definition and personality to the face. Your eyelashes are an accessory to your eyes and can be played up to make them look bigger. By using proper makeup application techniques and other tricks, you can achieve beautiful, full eyelashes. Does this Spark an idea?

Eye Makeup Application

To make the eyelashes bigger, you need to create an alluring look from the eyes as a whole. When choosing eyeshadows, select three (or more) different shades from one or multiple color families. Choose a pale color for a base, a medium color for more definition, and a dark color for contrast (or for a "smoky" look). Buy an eyeliner pencil in black or brown, too---eyeliner is a great tool for making the eyelashes look longer. Apply eyeliner as close to the lash line of your upper lids without irritating the eyes (eyeliner should only be applied on the top lid because lining the entire eye can create a small look). Another trick to open up the eye and create a bigger eyelash look is to apply white eyeliner to the inner corner of your eyes.

Strategic eyeshadow application also will contribute to a bigger eyelash look. Begin by applying the lightest eyeshadow color on the inner corner of your eyes (if you did not use the white eyeliner) or over the entire lid. Experiment with applying the medium eyeshadow color on the brow bone and slightly above and below it. For some people, this look works perfectly; for others, blending the darker eyeshadow into the crease is more effective for a dramatic look. Decide for yourself.

Eyelash Curling

Next, use a eyelash curler (never use the curler after applying mascara because it can damage your lashes and cause some of them to fall out). Squeeze the curler as close to the roots, holding the tool in place for at least ten seconds. Repeat the process, work your way up the lashes to the tips. Next, dust loose powder over your eyelashes to add volume and help your mascara to stay longer. Finally, apply several coats of a volumizing mascara to achieve the bigger eyelash look you desire.

False Eyelashes Application

For others who want a more dramatic look, false eyelashes work best. Choose a pair that matches
your natural eyelash color as closely as possible. When buying a pair of false eyelashes (they are fairly inexpensive), purchase eyelash glue as well if it does not come with the lashes.

One trick that some women find helpful when using false eyelashes is to apply a thin line of black eyeliner over the upper lid before applying the false lashes. This strategy will help disguise them and give you a well-defined "landing spot." When you're ready to apply the false lashes, squeeze small beads of glue to the false eyelash's lash line, and then spread the glue with your finger across the entire lash line. Allow the glue to dry for a few seconds before applying the false lashes to your natural ones. Starting from the center, push the false eyelash down to the outer corner of your eye, then repeat from center to inner corner. Allow the false eyelash to dry for a minute before attempting to apply the other eye's lash.