Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How to Make a Pair of Man's Shoes Look Like Woman's Shoes

Finding the perfect fit in a shoe can be difficult. Sometimes finding the best fit for a woman means shopping in the men's section of the shoe department. Once that ideal shoe has been found, however, it may need some dressing up to make it appear more feminine. Simply adding different accessories to the upper part of the shoe can work wonders in making a man's shoe look like a woman's shoe.

Attach a silk flower to a pair of shoe clips using a hot glue gun. Hold the flower by the petals and place a dab of glue to the base of the flower. Press the base of the flower onto the clip. Allow the glue to dry and attach the clip to the ridge of the vamp. Other variations that can be glued include large beads or ribbon bows.

Replace shoelaces on sports shoes with feminine colors, such as lavender or pink. Shoe laces with threads that glitter also appear more girly.

Attach rhinestones to fringe with a hot glue gun. A popular men's style includes leather fringe across the upper part of the shoe. The fringe is about 3-inches across (depending on the foot width) and about 1-inch long. Run a thin line of hot glue down each strand. Use tweezers to hold the rhinestones as you place each rhinestone on the glue.


- The vamp, or upper, is the part of the shoe that extends from the sole and wraps over the top of the foot.

- Use accessories that are the appropriate size for the shoe. Accessories that are too big or too small will look out of place.

- Purchase shoe clips from the shoe section of a department store or a shoe repair shop. Packages may contain more than one pair of clips and are either gold or silver.