Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Ways to Make a Nose Look Smaller

If the size of your nose makes you feel uncomfortable, you can alter its appearance slightly with a few beauty tricks. While plastic surgery is the only option to change the size of your nose permanently, you can make your nose appear smaller by applying shading techniques, wearing a flattering hairstyle and enhancing your eye makeup. Does this Spark an idea?

Apply Mascara and Eye Makeup

Play up your eyes with mascara and bold eye makeup to divert attention away from the nose. A bold swipe of eyeliner gives your eyes depth and definition. Sweep a soft black or kohl eyeliner pencil along your upper eyelid. Boost your eyes and downplay your nose with a double coat of mascara. To get the look of false eyelashes, sweep the mascara from underneath the lashes. Then close your lashes and brush the wand down over the top. Repeat this step twice to complete the look

Use Foundation and Bronzing Powder

To make your nose look smaller, apply contouring and highlighting techniques to your face. Apply bronzing powder to your chin to make it look more prominent. Stroke a small swipe of bronzing powder on the center of your chin and outward in both directions. Blend the powder with a dry sponge. Set the powder with face powder.

Contour your face with powder. After applying liquid foundation to your face, set the foundation with a translucent powder. Apply a darker shade of powder or bronzer on the bridge of the nose. To minimize a too wide nose, Nose Cosmetics recommends you "draw straight lines on the outer corner of the nose that start from the eyebrows and finish at the end at the tip of the nose." To shorten a long nose, apply bronzer to the tip of the nose to make it appear shorter.

Change Your Hairstyle recommends that you "avoid slicking your hair back, in an attempt to make your nose look smaller." Instead of a straight, long hairstyle, wear a hairstyle with longer layers that frame the face. Avoid side-swept bangs and other hairstyles that cover your forehead with hair; these styles bring more attention to your nose.