Saturday, 13 April 2013

How to Make a Foyer Appear Bigger in a Split Foyer

A split foyer house features a small foyer that has a staircase leading to the lower and upper floors of the house. Since the foyer is often small and cramped, many homeowners find it a challenge to increase the perceived size of the room. No matter how small your foyer, there are several things you can do make it appear larger. Does this Spark an idea?

Visually enlarge the foyer by using light-colored paint on the walls leading to the lower and upper floors. Light colors give off the illusion of more space. The continuity of color above and below the foyer will lead the eye to the larger, more open spaces beyond the foyer and give it a more spacious feeling.

Hang a mirror on the wall leading to the upper or lower floor or both. If you have a door blocking entryway to the lower floor, place the mirror on the door. Mirrors add depth to a room and also reflect light, enlarging a person’s perception of the foyer.

Remove any doors blocking the bottom level. The door has an enormous impact on the perceived size of the foyer. Removing the door makes the foyer seem larger. If you have children or pets you want to prevent from accessing the lower level, place a gate in the doorway; it will be less noticeable than a door.

Install ceiling or wall lights. Lamps take up vital floor space, especially in a small split foyer. Also, lights placed on the wall or ceiling will reflect off of the wall and floor, giving a larger feel to the area.

Place a small vertical shoe rack next to the door to keep shoes off the floor. Shoes can quickly overtake a small foyer, especially if you have a large family. An uncluttered floor will give the illusion of more space.