Monday, 22 April 2013

How to Prevent Comfort Gel Mask Leaks

Comfort gel masks are facial maskes used to relax or reduce puffiness around the eyes. They are usually a soft plastic and filled with gel. When left in the freezer or refrigerator for long periods of time, the masks become cold and provides relief when placed around the eyes. Preventing leaks in the mask is all about how you care for and store your mask. When the mask is frozen the plastic is susceptible to being punctured and causing leaks once the gel defrosts. Does this Spark an idea?

Purchase a protective sleeve for your mask, if the mask did not come with one. The sleeve should be soft and allow the mask to fit inside of it without bending or folding. Keep the mask in the sleeve when not in use.

Place the mask in the freezer. Ensure the mask is laying flat and not close to any sharp objects.

Handle the mask with care after removing it from the freezer. If the mask is frozen do not bend it to contort to your face.

Wait five minutes or until the gel in the mask has defrosted and the mask is malleable.

Place the mask over your face and replace it in the sleeve when finished. Store on a flat surface.


- Do not store your mask in the freezer when not in use. Only put your mask in the freezer when you intend to use it shortly there after.