Saturday, 20 April 2013

How to Give Acknowledgement for Projects

After the successful completion of an important project, you probably want to find a way to say thank you to your team. This is called an acknowledgment. At first, you might be tempted to write a simple letter or buy your team members a standard plaque. While this creates a lasting reminder of the acknowledgment, it doesn't communicate acknowledgment itself. Instead, take the appropriate steps to acknowledge your team members personally and let them know you appreciate them.

Gather everyone involved in the project into the same room at the same time. Make sure everyone has at least a half hour of spare time, so that no one needs to rush off to another appointment. You want the environment relaxed so that the acknowledgments both are and feel genuine -- not rushed.

Discuss the contributions of each person to the project individually. If the team is small, stand next to each person as you acknowledge their contributions. Shake their hand, look them in the eye and say an honest thank you. If the team is large, invite each person to the stage.

Prepare a letter or other form of recognition, such as a framed certificate or a plaque. Give one to each person as you approach them or they come up on the stage. Never give something out separate from the meeting. The letter or plaque shouldn't be the acknowledgment. The acknowledgment is what you do when you say thank you. The material possession is a reminder of the acknowledgment.


- Everyday acknowledgments can take place on a one-on-one basis but in the case of a large project acknowledgment, you should gather the entire project team.